How To Fix A Slow Sink Drain

Florence plumberA sluggish and slow sink drain is among the most common residential plumbing concerns. The bathroom sink is mostly affected with this kind of problem. There are many things that can contribute to a slow sink drain. Most of the time, the pop up that is used to stop up the sink is the area where a lot of debris and hair build up specially since this sink is used on a daily basis.

Additionally, soap as well as other products that are washed down the drain could gradually collect in the drain size, which slows down the progress of draining the water. This drainage problem occurs naturally as time goes by and cannot be avoided. The only solution is to clean up the drain regularly to make sure that it keeps flowing. There are different ways to deal with this type of drainage problem before calling an expert plumber.

Use A Zip Tool

Clearing out the hair and debris that has collected on the sink drain is the first step to making it flow again. One simple way to get this done is through the use of the Zip It tool, a cheap and easy to use tool that can catch debris and hair in the sink drain.

Remove The Pop-up

The sink pop-up comes with a shape that allows it to collect debris. In case you don’t have a zip it tool or in case you already used one but it didn’t take out all the debris, you have another option and that is to take out the pop up and clean it. Pop ups commonly have a nut attached to the drain, which keeps it in place. To take it out, you have to find the pop up behind the drain pipe and under the sink. When you have finally removed the nut, you can simply pull out the pop up out of the sink drain. You can reinstall it once you have cleaned it.

Clear The Sink Overflow

One of the primary purposes of the overflow opening is to channel the water into the drain in case it accidentally rises way to high into the sink. However, another crucial role it plays is to let the air into the drain every time the sink is filled up with water. The air that will come into the drain via the overflow will help the water in the sink to drain much faster. The sink overflow is yet another area where debris and other build up may collect after some time. In case a sink is draining sluggishly and the cleaning it does not solve the issue then you have to clean the overflow, too.

Try Homemade Drain Cleaner

You can make a mild homemade cleaner to clean your drain pipes after pulling out larger debris. The reaction triggered by mixing two inexpensive and common household products can assist you in breaking down the debris that may have accumulated on the drain pipes. Even if you manage to get even only a tiny part of the buildup out of your drain, it will still help in getting the drain flowing once again. By making use of a homemade drain cleaner, you will get to save some cash and avoid the use of harsh chemical solutions. But if this doesn’t work, you might need to call a professional Florence plumber.

Use A Plunger

A plunger can also be the solution to your slow sink drain problem. You do not have to wait for a complete drain stoppage before you use this basic tool. A bit of plumbing can help loosen up and dislodge debris that may have accumulated in the pipe. To ensure the plunger’s efficiency, cover the overflow with duct tape or a rag before plunging. This will help create a seal, which is required to clear out any blocked pipe.

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