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Why A Small Leak Is Serious Problem In The Plumbing Repair World?

Florence PlumbingA small leak is considered a huge problem in the world of plumbing repair. However, several homeowners don’t feel the same way. They believe that a minor issue like this will be fixed on its own; but that is not the case. Are you wondering how a small leak can become a huge problem? Read on.

3 Ways A Small Leak Turns Into A Massive Plumbing Problem

  1. As time goes by, a small leak will cause damage to the walls, floors, and everything else that it comes in contact with. Although this won’t happen overnight, the standing water, which continually accumulates, will cause more damage as time goes by. According to Plumbing Experts Florence, things becomes more problematic if the leak is hidden or unnoticeable with homeowners being unable to clean up the mess from time to time.
  2. Mold is a huge problem and the common cause is moisture. A tiny leak can give rise to mold growth and other related problems. Mold is a health risk to all those living in the house. Apart from that, it can make your house almost impossible to sell when the time comes that you want to put your home up for sale. You will most likely find it hard to get hold of a buyer who is willing to purchase a house that has been infested with mold. It is not just costly to fix but when left alone, it can be harmful to your health.
  3. A leaking pipe can lead to poor performance. This might not be a huge issue however, once you switch the water on, you might notice something unusual. This could be the least of your worries, however, it should be one that should warn you that something is going on.

Never believe anyone that tells you a leak is nothing to worry about. Hire a professional Florence plumber to come to your house, identify the plumbing issue, determine the source of the problem, and execute the best solution. This may cost you some money but the amount that you have to pay is less than if you allow the problem to turn into a massive plumbing issue.

Call Plumbing Experts Florence if you need professional help in fixing small leaks before it turns into massive and more expensive plumbing issues.

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Why Hire A Plumber For Sump Pump Service

sump pumpNobody wants to see a flooded basement after a heavy rain.  You would not want to walk downstairs to your basement only find an instant pool! Yes, you have the option to go to a home supply store and buy a sump pump, cover its warranty and install it yourself. Then, after all the time and effort you put into setting it up, you will still see a flooded basement after it rains. Why don’t you call a professional plumber instead to install your sump pump?

Fully Equipped and Trained

Florence plumbers know what kind of sump pump is best for your home. Unlike you who may have been relying on the instructions you found online, they have gone through the proper training and have had extensive experience in this area. It is better to hand over the task of installing your sump pump to someone who knows where to get the most suitable equipment for your home’s unique needs. By the time the next storm hits, you don’t have to worry about seeing a flooded basement. You can simply sit cozily in your living room, knowing that everything is take care of.

Gets The Job Done Right

So, you are confident that you can get the job done right after watching several YouTube videos. But did those videos tell you how deep you need to dig your sump pit or did they teach you about purchasing a pump that is the correct size for the pit? Probably not! Those videos most likely showed you the basic steps of installing the pump but have left a lot of important things out.

How do you know if your sump pump is working correctly? Do you have any clue how you can check it before the next storm comes? How about the valve alarm or the back flow prevention valve? Do you know how to set them up correctly or determine if they are working as they should be? If your answers to all these is no, then call a plumber now.

Size The Pit and Sump Pump Correctly

Let us talk about how a professional can finish installing your home’s sump pump by making sure that the sump pit and pump have been sized correctly. Don’t believe any sales person who tells you that the size of the sump pump does not matter.

If the sump pump is way too big for the pit, it will get rid of the water much faster than the water fills the pit. If so, the pump will shut off and on, and then burn out. In case the pit is too small, the pump will run all the time, even if it does not have to.

Builds A Well-Sealed System

A professional plumber from Plumbing Experts Florence will build a well sealed system. You can do this yourself especially if you don’t have the training or the tools to get the job done. Although you have to pay for the services of a professional, you can be sure that the result is well worth your investment.

Call Plumbing Experts Florence if you need a professional sump pump service.

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How To Fix A Slow Sink Drain

Florence plumberA sluggish and slow sink drain is among the most common residential plumbing concerns. The bathroom sink is mostly affected with this kind of problem. There are many things that can contribute to a slow sink drain. Most of the time, the pop up that is used to stop up the sink is the area where a lot of debris and hair build up specially since this sink is used on a daily basis.

Additionally, soap as well as other products that are washed down the drain could gradually collect in the drain size, which slows down the progress of draining the water. This drainage problem occurs naturally as time goes by and cannot be avoided. The only solution is to clean up the drain regularly to make sure that it keeps flowing. There are different ways to deal with this type of drainage problem before calling an expert plumber.

Use A Zip Tool

Clearing out the hair and debris that has collected on the sink drain is the first step to making it flow again. One simple way to get this done is through the use of the Zip It tool, a cheap and easy to use tool that can catch debris and hair in the sink drain.

Remove The Pop-up

The sink pop-up comes with a shape that allows it to collect debris. In case you don’t have a zip it tool or in case you already used one but it didn’t take out all the debris, you have another option and that is to take out the pop up and clean it. Pop ups commonly have a nut attached to the drain, which keeps it in place. To take it out, you have to find the pop up behind the drain pipe and under the sink. When you have finally removed the nut, you can simply pull out the pop up out of the sink drain. You can reinstall it once you have cleaned it.

Clear The Sink Overflow

One of the primary purposes of the overflow opening is to channel the water into the drain in case it accidentally rises way to high into the sink. However, another crucial role it plays is to let the air into the drain every time the sink is filled up with water. The air that will come into the drain via the overflow will help the water in the sink to drain much faster. The sink overflow is yet another area where debris and other build up may collect after some time. In case a sink is draining sluggishly and the cleaning it does not solve the issue then you have to clean the overflow, too.

Try Homemade Drain Cleaner

You can make a mild homemade cleaner to clean your drain pipes after pulling out larger debris. The reaction triggered by mixing two inexpensive and common household products can assist you in breaking down the debris that may have accumulated on the drain pipes. Even if you manage to get even only a tiny part of the buildup out of your drain, it will still help in getting the drain flowing once again. By making use of a homemade drain cleaner, you will get to save some cash and avoid the use of harsh chemical solutions. But if this doesn’t work, you might need to call a professional Florence plumber.

Use A Plunger

A plunger can also be the solution to your slow sink drain problem. You do not have to wait for a complete drain stoppage before you use this basic tool. A bit of plumbing can help loosen up and dislodge debris that may have accumulated in the pipe. To ensure the plunger’s efficiency, cover the overflow with duct tape or a rag before plunging. This will help create a seal, which is required to clear out any blocked pipe.

Call Plumbing Experts Florence if you are having problems with your plumbing system.

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Common Toilet Noises That Call For Repair

Florence plumberIn many cases, toilets seem to act up during the most inconvenient times. You might hear your toilet making strange sounds. As major issues with this specific fixture can turn a normal situation into a nightmarish, costly, and unsanitary one. To avoid that, you need to know the common noises that call for a toilet repair.

Foghorn Sound

An older toilet version may produce a unique foghorn sound if its metal ballcock style fill valve has a loose washer. To check if you have this problem, open up the toilet tank and try to flush it. If you notice your toilet make this sound, take and raise up the fall ball above the tank. If you notice the noise stops at this time then you most likely have a problem with the washer. In case the ballcock isn’t sealed, you have to option to change the washer. But if you want a long term solution then you should consider changing the valve itself.

Hissing Sound

In case you hear a hissing sound, it is fine to feel a bit of relief because your toilet problem is most likely a huge issue. But take note, ignoring this plumbing problem can cost you more in the long run since this sound is created by running water. In most cases, it is caused by two defective parts. First, there is the possibility that the fill valve is miscalibrated. If you raise the toilet’s lid, you will see a ballcock or plastic buoy floating on top of the water inside the tank. In case it has been adjusted to stay on top of the overflow tube, then the water will always fill more than this spot and then drain. To fix it, all you need to do is adjust the fill valve or ballcock’s height to below the overflow tube.

Secondly, there is also a possibility that the flap valve that is found at the tank’s bottom has worn out and is letting water to go into the bowl. If this is the case, you need to begin by turning off the water supply and then flush the toilet so you can drain the water. Once that is done, take out the flap valve. Maybe it might just need a simple cleaning, or you might discover that it has become brittle or has cracked. If it is too deteriorated to function, then you have to replace it. Once you get this toilet repair done, you can restore the water supply. If these parts are not the problem, your last option is to change the whole flush-valve or you can call a Florence plumber to help you.

Gurgling Sound

One of the least common and ominous sounds that can mean a major plumbing issue is the gurgling sound. This type of noise is created whenever air escapes back into your toilet. These could indicate several different major plumbing issues like a blocked main line. If you disregard this issue, you are most likely to find your sink, tub, or bathroom toilet backed up or worse, overflowing with filthy water. In case you think the problem is caused by a blockage then the first thing you have to do is stop all the appliances that may flood the pipes. Call a plumber if you cannot fix the problem with the usual sewer jets, plumber’s snake, or an air burst drain cleaner.

Call Plumbing Experts Florence if you need the help of a professional plumber in fixing your toilet problems or any other plumbing related issue you have at home.

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Do You Have To Replace Your Plumbing System?

Florence plumberJust like everything else, your plumbing system won’t last forever. As decades go by, the plumbing pipes rusts, corrodes, and decays. Unless you change or upgrade your plumbing system, it will eventually have leaks and even let raw sewage or a flood of water into your house that will cause you thousands of dollars’ worth of damage to your belongings and property.

But is a plumbing nightmare imminent or perhaps an issue for the distant future? Here are some tips to help you assess if it is time for you to replace your plumbing system.

Know Your Pipes

The kind of plumbing system in your home will determine how long it will last. Check the home inspection report when you purchase your home and find out what type of pipes you have. You can also hire a plumber to inspect your plumbing system. Supply pipes made of copper, brass, and galvanized steel can last for up to 80 years, while drain lines made of PVC or polyvinyl chloride or cast iron can last for up to 40 years. If your pipes are much older than these, it does not necessarily mean that they have to be replaced. Pipes that were well maintained tend to last much longer while those that were poorly maintained as well as those with hard water tend to fail sooner. Regardless of the kind of pipes you have, you need to keep an eye on them.

Remove Polybutylene and Lead

You also have to remove two types of water supply pipe regardless of how long they have been used in your home. Lead pipes, which were used during the early 1900s have a life span of 100 years, however, they could leach lead into your drinking water, which can pose a serious health risk. Meanwhile, polybutylene pipes that were used between 1970s and 1990s are extremely susceptibility to breakage.

Signs of Trouble

In case your house is more than 60 years old, check for any exposed pipes in crawlspaces, basements, as well as utility rooms at least once a year for signs of trouble. Inspect the tubes for stains, discoloration, flaking, or dimpling. These are all signs of corrosion. In case notice any irregularities, call in a Florence plumber to perform an inspection.

You should also watch out for leaks. Even the smallest ones that can be fixed easily can be signs that the time to have them replaced is fast approaching. After all, the original plumbing pipes in your house are the same vintage, they are made of the same material and they have been exposed to the same usage patterns and water supply.

Additionally, fill your bathtub and check the color of the water. If it looks yellow or brown, what you are seeing is rust, it is an indication of decay inside your pipes. You may have to consider replacing them soon.

Whether you need to have your plumbing system inspected, repaired, maintained, or replaced, Plumbing Experts Florence are always ready to help.

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Tips For Keeping Your Drinking Water At Home Safe

Florence plumbingJust like traces of lead paint in older homes, tiny amounts of metal in your home’s tap water can eventually cause developmental issues in kids, increase your family’s susceptibility to high blood pressure, and even lead to compromised kidney function among adults. The presence of radium in drinking water has been linked to cancer. Even having too much chlorine can cause eyes and nose irritation as well as stomach discomfort. But you don’t have to feel powerless. There are ways for you to make sure that your drinking water at home is safe. Provided below are simple plumbing tips to help you get started.

Test Your Water

If you are getting your drinking water from a well, you need to have it tested by an environmental testing laboratory that is state licensed on a regular basis. They will be able to check for changing conditions as well as the presence of contaminants in your water like nitrates, coliform bacteria, both of which could slowly seep through the soil and into underground aquifers.

Annual testing is recommended by experts. You should also think about testing for certain contaminants such as lead in case you have concerns regarding drinking water that is being supplied by a utility – like violations on the rules set by Environmental Protection Agency or perhaps having an old plumbing system in your house.

Check The Water Quality Report Of The Utility Company

Even though federal regulations have set limits on the level of contaminants in drinking water, public systems sometimes continue to go beyond those limits. Find out if there are violations in your utility’s Consumer Confidence Annual Report, which is also referred to as the Water Quality Report. This report, which is required by the EPA, must be sent to your house by July 1 every year and describes the methods your utility plans to use to tackle all cited problems.

Filter Your Water

Filtering your water at home will provide you and your family with another line of defense against potential contaminants that may pass through the local utility. Although a few experts say that it is not needed, several professionals highly recommend this to homeowners.

Keep Your Plumbing System Updated

Paint flecks are not the only known carriers of toxic metals in older houses. In case your home Florence plumbing system has lead pipes, then you need to have them replaced right away. Lead from plumbing pipes can contaminate your drinking water, which can cause several health issues including developmental problems among kids. It can also raise blood pressure and compromise the health of your kidney.

It is also important to hire a plumber who will replace all corroded pipes in your home because these are the major sources of copper in your drinking water. Being exposed to this for a long period of time can lead to liver and kidney damage.

Don’t Poison the Reservoir or The Well

Go easy on pesticide and fertilizers on your yard. Don’t forget to take antifreeze or used oil to a recycling station or a service center. You should also avoid flushing unused medications because they can contribute to the trace amounts of medicines and other pharmaceuticals that end up in drinking water.

Call Plumbing Experts Florence for all your plumbing related problems.

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Trade Secrets When Hiring A Plumber

Florence plumberA residential plumbing is comprised of a complicated system of fixtures and pipes that work together to offer clean water, safe and effective disposal of wastes, and a lot more. Since a plumbing system involves public and home safety, its design is strictly monitored by building codes, and plumbers are licensed, regulated, and credentialed as well to guarantee proper workmanship.

This doesn’t imply that you can’t do your own plumbing. As a matter of fact, you will find a lot of guides and step by step instructions for various DIY plumbing jobs online. However, plumbing skills, knowledge, and the right tools are essential to the success of any plumbing project. In case you do not have the right tools for the job or perhaps the time, experience, and fortitude to get the job done correctly, then it is best to hire a plumber.

However, you can just hire any plumber. You need the right plumber, one who will do the job correctly, safely, and affordably to prevent the project from becoming a costly disaster. Once you’ve found the best plumber, always keep his number handy. You’ll eventually realize that doing so will help you a lot especially in cases of plumbing emergencies.

When hiring a professional plumbing contractor like those from Plumbing Experts Florence, your task involves finding the best one and oversee the workmanship quality. Here are a few things you need to know.

Qualities Of A Good Plumber

A good Florence plumber must have several things. When you are interviewing potential plumbers, you need to know if they have the following:

License – most states require working plumbers to have a license. Apart from a license, a good plumbing contractor must have a clean complaint record. You can check your state’s government website to find out if there are any formal complaints filed against them. You can also check The Better Business Bureau for customer complaints.

Insurance – even though you have a homeowner’s insurance that provides some degree of protection, your plumbing contractor must have a workman’s compensation at a minimum of $500,000 liability insurance to protect you and the plumber in the event he gets injured while on the job at your house.

Experience – know how long the plumber has been providing his services and how long he’s been in business. Most good plumbers had to spend years to gain the skills and knowledge in dealing with different kinds of plumbing problems.

References – it is important to ask references of their clients in the past. A good plumber will not hesitate to give you a list. Once you have it, call them and ask if they were happy with the work provided by the plumber or if they have any complaints on the quality of their job.

Warranty – you must work with a plumber who can guarantee his work and the parts for one year or more.

Social skills – it is also important to consider the social skills of the Florence plumber you intend to hire. It will have to have a plumber who have good communication skills. Someone who can clearly communicate with your, has good work habits, and is trustworthy.

You can find a good plumber from personal referrals, online referral services, and print ads. Don’t forget to do your research if you want to make an informed decision.

Call Plumbing Experts Florence if you need help with your plumbing system.

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Florence Plumbers on The Best Places To Discover and Repair Toilet Leaks part 2

Florence Plumber SCIn the previous article, we have discussed the different places you should look to find out if you need toilet repair. Apparently, there are a few other places you need to check to find out if you need a Florence plumber to fix your toilet repair leak.

Dripping from in between the toilet bowl and the tank:

You can also apply the colored water test to check if you have leaks between your tank and bowl.

  • Water dripping near the middle: Means you might require a new tank-bowl sponge gasket. Plumbing professionals can also suggest getting new washers for the tank-bowl bo
  • Tank-bowl gasket leaks: Flushing the toilet will have the tendency to leak regularly.
  • Water leaks beyond the washers and bolts: leaks will seem closer to the toilet bowl side, nearer the border and away from the center. However, this is not always the case.

Quick solution:

To repair this problem, it will be important for you to lift the toilet tank from the bowl and you can change the washers as needed. This plumbing repair and the components needed can differ, depending on your toilet style. If you’re modifying the tank-bowl rubber washers, take the chance to alter the old tank-bowl bolts too.

Water dripping from inside the toilet tank

If you have verified that the leak is not caused by tank condensation, check whether water leaks from the toilet tank itself. This process is relatively easy to do.

Quick solution:

  1. Remove your toilet tank cover, just be careful as tanks tend to be fragile and heavy.
  2. Add some food coloring to the water in your toilet tank.
  3. Avoid flushing for some time
  4. Observe if colored water drips from anywhere in your toilet tank.
  5. The next process is to determine the water leak source.

Any fractures in the tank should be tinted and highlighted by the colored water.  Other sources might be from the foam gasket where the flush valve permits water to get in the bowl.

Fill valve shank gasket drip

Always remember to inspect the shank gasket where the ballcock links to the tank. Fill valve or ballcock allows water to enter in the tank.

Quick solution :

This kind of problem can usually be recognized by the colored water test. Try to find possible fractures in the tank near or around the gasket. You can just tighten up the shank nut just below the tank to stop the leak if no fractures are visible.

We advise you tighten up the nut a quarter turn at a time while assessing if the leak stops. If it continues, then you might need to change the gasket.

Fill valve fill tube leak

When the water seems to be dripping from the back, close to the tank, ensure that the refill tube is tight enough and not affected by the flush valve overflow.

If you notice any sign of leaks in your bathroom, call Plumbing Pros Florence to have it checked and repaired immediately.


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Florence Plumbers on The Best Places To Discover and Repair Toilet Leaks part 1

Plumber FLorence SCIf you suddenly discover water on your restroom floor beside your toilet, do not panic. It is important to understand the reasons behind such toilet leaks. After you remove the most apparent cause, think about the following prior to presuming the issue is with the seal in between your toilet and the drain line. Plumbers say that this scenario is more preferable and less pricey than having wastewater show up from below your toilet.


According to Florence plumbers, the most typical cause of water leaks on your bathroom floor is what they call “sweating.” This is water condensing outside of the toilet’s tank and leaking onto the flooring. Toilet tank condensation or sweating is brought on by the distinction in temperature level of the water inside the tank. Generally, tank water is cold while the temperature level outside is warm, thus condensation happens.

Quick Solution to toilet condensation:

  • Toilet tank liners- insulate the cold water inside the tank from the damp exterior
  • Anti-sweat toilet tank valves- blend cold and warm water entering into the tank to minimize the temperature level difference inside and outside the toilet tank.

Sadly, it is not easy to confirm if the water on your flooring is indeed the result of condensation. Generally, you will have to clean beyond your tank completely with a towel and observe whether water is collecting on the exterior of the tank once again.

Dripping from below the toilet

A bad wax ring should be the only reason why wastewater leaks from below your toilet. However, even if your wax seal is damaged, the water that is being flushed through a complimentary drain should not get away past the wax on the closet flange (below the toilet) and onto the flooring. Water should directly go down–straight from the toilet and into the waste line.

If you confirm that it is definitely wastewater on your flooring, then your issue is likely more than simply a bad wax ring. Although you might not be experiencing recurring overflow issue with your toilet, the water is still likely to come out from the place of least resistance.

Quick solution to dripping toilet

  • Resealing your toilet bowl with a new wax ring is advisable.
  • Florence also advises on examining the possibility of an interruption in your waste lines. Sometimes, just changing the wax ring would not resolve your problem and you might then experience increased drain issues due to the existing blockage in your lines.

Shut-off valve leaks

Make certain water is not really permeating from the pipeline connection in the rear end of the shut-off valve, near the wall.

Quick solution:  If this is the case, the valve might have to be changed. However, it might work if you tighten up the valve onto the pipeline, based on the kind of valve and pipeline you have).

Water originating from other parts of the bathroom

Most often than not, your toilet is the place to look into when there is water leak in your bathroom. This will make it look like the water is originating from the toilet when in reality the cause is easier and less costly.

Quick solution: Try putting in some rug or two to your bathroom floor and see if this solves the problem.

Supply line leaks

Look for water leaking from the joints on each end of the pipeline, where the line connects both to the inlet of the toilet’s fill valve and the shut-off valve on the wall. If you have a stiff supply line, try changing the supply washers. Usually, the supply line will be connected straight to your shut-off valve as a single piece system.

Quick solution: Florence plumbers advise on utilizing versatile stainless-steel water bends as they are much easier to connect and are really trusted.

For more information on various causes of toilet leaks, call Plumbing Pros Florence.


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Six Most Common Plumbing Problems Homeowners Experience


Plumber Florence

A recent study reveals that property owners, depending on how old their house is, will call a plumbing professional at least once in three years.

There are various kinds of plumbing issues, however, Florence plumbers are often asked if this is a typical issue. Plumbers have seen a variety of plumbing issues from huge to little, we produced a list of exactly what our professionals most typically see in the houses they service.

Your Guide To Typical Plumbing Problems

1. Dripping Pipes

We often experience dripping pipes throughout the cold weather, it is likewise typical year-round! A lot of pipes will start to leakage near the joints, which is why it is advised to watch out for damp areas in the ceiling or on the ground. A water-damaged house can be rather pricey, so dripping pipes should be repaired immediately.

2. Leaking Faucets

This is another typical plumbing problem which most homeowners have experienced and neglected. When ignored, that leaking faucet can increase your water bill expenses.

3. Running Toilets

When you ignore a running toilet, you most likely waste 200 gallons of water daily. That’s a great deal of water waste! Call a Florence plumber immediately to save on costly water expenses and repair.

4. Dripping Hose Pipe Bibb

A dripping pipe bibb is typical in the summer and spring season. Just right after the long, cold winter season, numerous pipe bibbs that aren’t safeguarded can break and start to leak. We recommend our consumers buy a frost-proof hose pipe bibb, which can minimize the opportunities of having future leakages.

5. Low Water Pressure

This is often experienced by older homes, mostly because of the need to replace new plumbing parts or a showerhead. However, there are many reasons why we experience low-water pressure, it is better to consult a professional plumber to find out why.

6. Sluggish Or Stopped Up Drains

Our professional service technicians caution clients to keep away from any kind of non-prescription drain cleaner! Rather, Call Plumbing Pros Florence to clear the sluggish or blocked drain. In the meantime, follow these upkeep ideas to keep your drains pipes moving efficiently.

It is advisable to immediately call a professional plumber for any plumbing problems. Call Plumbing Pros Florence for reliable plumbers.


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