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Plumbing Basics – Maintaining Water Quality At Home

plumbing contractorA lot of people don’t really give so much thought about how clean water is produced and pumped through a network of pipes and finally onto homes. Developed countries like the U.S. have filtration systems in place allowing for clean water at the tap. However, there are times where the supply of water gets contaminated. How can you ensure that you are getting clean water all the time? What can the average homeowner do to maintain water quality? Here are some tips from your local plumbing contractor.

Understanding plumbing and water quality

Before we dive any deeper into how high water quality is maintained, let’s take a look at how water is sourced. There are a number of sources for water. Before the water could flow from your tap, it needs to be sourced elsewhere. Companies that supply this resource gets the water from either lakes, springs, rivers, deep wells and or rainfall.

As for water pollution, this occurs in many ways. There are a number of reasons why water may no longer be used for consumption. Water quality degradation happens from either chemical runoff, landfills, unmaintained or leaking underground storage tanks. These are the most common reasons but are not limited to them. There are also other sources of water pollution that degrades the quality of water unfit human consumption.

What can you do to maintain the quality of water?

Although it can be alarming to think that there are too many ways that water could be easily polluted, there are ways on how water quality can be maintained. You can do the following:

Maintain your plumbing – with the first signs of plumbing problems, contact your nearest Florence plumbing contractor. Don’t wait for the problem to worsen before you call in for help. Hiring a plumbing contractor helps keep your plumbing in check and your water quality at desired levels all the time. Plumbing maintenance doesn’t happen too often, which is why it isn’t a valid reason why homeowners shouldn’t invest time and money on it. With a thorough inspection of your homes, plumbing you can keep the quality of your water and ensure your family’s safety.

Correct use of water and plumbing systems – we all use cleaning solutions at home. However, we should always be aware of how these cleaning solutions impact wastewater. Only use non-harmful cleaning solutions, preferably organic ones. Also, never use plumbing systems beyond what they are intended for. Never dump motor oil or other substances down storm drains. Always keep in mind that water treatment facilities will have a hard time filtering out these contaminants. In case your plumbing system breaks down or encounters issues, call experts like Plumbing Experts Florence immediately.

Use water purification systems – this is the last option you have to take if water quality in your area is a bit tarnished. Water purification systems ensure that the water in your home is safe for consumption at all time. However, this is mainly the last option in most cases. If you encounter any problems with your water quality or plumbing, call in an emergency plumber for help.

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How To Keep Your Bathroom Plumbing In Good Shape

plumbing contractorThere is no other part of your home that has as many plumbing fixtures and pipes as the bathroom. Of course it makes sense since most of the fresh water that enters your home goes to the bathroom. The sinks, showers, toilets, bathtubs, cold and hot water lines, as well as drain pipes in any household bathroom take on a significant amount of work. Below are some tips you can use to keep your bathroom plumbing in good condition so troubles like leaks and clogs are rare.

Don’t Flush Trash Into Your Toilet

Never use your toilet as a trash can. The paper products that should only be flushed down to your toilet is toilet paper. Never throw facial tissues as well since they are extremely absorbent and can swell easily, which could block the pipes. The same thing goes with wet wipes because they tend to clump together, which could become a difficult and huge clog that’s hard to remove, not just for the bathroom plumbing but also for the sewer line as well as the municipal sewer system.

Put Drain Covers

Exposed drains are much more likely to pick up soap scum and hair. It is also way easier for tiny objects to fall down the open drain and clog the pipe. Install a mesh drain covers to protect the drain pipes from the most common causes of clogs. Don’t forget to clean the drain covers regularly so that they won’t lead to slow drainage.

Don’t Use Chemical Drain Cleaners On The Drains

In case you come across a clogged or slow drain in the bathroom, using a bottle of drain cleaner is not suggested. It contains acidic chemicals and their effects are only temporary. Aside from that, commercial cleaning solutions can cause severe damage to the plumbing’s drain pipe, that could lead to corrosion. In case you cannot get rid of drain clog with a hand cranked drain snake or a plunger, then call a professional Florence plumbing contractor right away.

Change Outdated Pipes

In case you live in a house that has been built before 1970, then you surely have an outdated plumbing material in your bathroom. Expert plumbing contractors recommend the replacement of steel, lead, iron, as well as polybutylene pipes, all of which are prone to corrosion and breakage. Lead pipes could be very dangerous for drinking water lines.

Schedule Drain Cleaning and Routine Maintenance

Drain cleaning is much more than just an emergency service to assist you when you are facing a major drain clog. It is a great maintenance and preventive service to help your bathroom plumbing system remain in good condition. During drain cleaning, plumbers can also determine if there are other problems like leaks or problem components that need to be repaired or replaced.

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Tips To Avoid Common Plumbing Scams

plumbing contractorPlumbing is a complicated task that requires both knowledge and precision. Go through any city phonebook and you will find countless plumbers claiming that they work fast at a price you can afford. Unfortunately, there are those who are in the business just because they want to make a quick buck and are not shy about running a plumbing scam. Provided below is a list of the most common scams run by shady plumbing contractors and how to avoid them.

Uses Low-Cost Materials But Promises You High-Quality Ones

This scam focuses on the materials used for the plumbing tasks. Top quality cross-linked PEX or polyethylene pipe or copper tubing are expensive and most homeowners are willing to purchase costly products that will keep their plumbing system in tip-top shape for another 10 years. However, shady plumbing contractors tell you that they are using only the best materials and charge you for that even if in truth, they are actually using low-cost alternatives.

You can beat this scam in two ways. Ask the plumbing contractor about the parts they plan to use and bring the list to your local home improvement and hardware store. In case the plumber is using top quality materials but are charging you too much, you can call his bluff. If he is using low-end products but dares to make a huge profit, it is best to find another plumbing contractor.

Another method is to check what is on the invoice and make sure that it matches what is behind your walls. In case your plumber says that he is using a certain PEX tubing brand, inspect it before it is installed and be sure that he is not trying a bait and switch trick.

Hiring Extra Workers

For this type of scam, your Florence plumbing contractor starts his work as soon as the contract is signed, however, within a week you will find that there are far more people in your house than necessary. In some instances, extra workers are apprentices. However, there are contractors who try to increase their profits by subcontracting certain parts of the job and then claim that they can only control their rates and not the hourly rates of others. You have to ask why each worker is required. If you are not sure who is doing what in your house, ask them to stop what they are doing and ask. You don’t want to pay extra costs for unnecessary work.


If you reside in a wealthy neighborhood, beware of contractors who overcharge. Plumbers do not need to have a fixed hourly rate, which means they can charge whatever their clients are willing to pay. There are a few contractors who spot lavish cars in your garage, a hot tub in the yard, or an expensive TV screen in your living room. They may instantly assume that you’ve got deep pocks and will increase their hourly rates by as much as 50% or even 100%. Before you give the go signal for any kind of plumbing work, ask at least three plumbing contractors to check the job and give you estimates for the materials and labor.

No Written Estimates

Some shady contractors are smooth talkers. When you want something, he will immediately say no problem and he will always keep a running total of the costs as he moves through your home. By the time you as for a written estimate, he will tell you that he has to sit down and itemize all the materials and labor costs and he will get back to you as soon as he can. Once he does, he will offer a final budget over the phone and not in writing. He will promise to send over the paperwork but he seems to be so eager to begin the work so you let him. A few weeks have passed and there is still no written estimate. By the time job is finished, you will get an invoice that is at least twice as much as the original quote he gave you. Don’t forget to get a written quote and make sure the contract you sign specifies how much you need to pay and when. By doing so, if you are not satisfied with the work quality or if the job is not finished on time, you will have a chance to fight for it in civil court.

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