5 Questions To Ask When Hiring A Plumber In Florence

plumberAre you planning on hiring a plumber in Florence? If you are, don’t be too hasty with choosing one. Hiring a plumber or any other professional contractor isn’t like going shopping for a kitchen appliance. While their services are important, you should also be careful about which plumbing company you choose. Not all plumber is the same. Some can provide you with top-notch plumbing services while others might not deliver on their word. That’s why you should first list a few questions to filter through your list.

Here are some of the most effective questions to ask when hiring a plumber

  1. Can you provide an estimate of the repair costs?

Every homeowner should have some skepticism reserved when engaging with any contractor over the phone. While some plumbers might give you an estimate over the phone, others won’t. Be sure that the plumber you talk to asks to come over before giving you an estimate. Often times, the estimates provided over the phone aren’t followed and you end up with a bigger bill than anticipated. Although this does not happen with every plumbing contractor, it certainly is something to be aware of.

  1. Who will be doing the work?

Be sure that you ask the plumber about who will be doing the work. While you can easily find a Florence plumber that personally does the work, other companies tend to hire subcontractors. This is not necessarily a bad thing. However, proceed with caution as some of the subcontractors might not have the same experience or training as the other employees of the company itself.

  1. Is your company licensed?

Another important question to ask is whether the company is licensed or not. Be sure that that they are. Always make sure that you hire a plumber that is fully licensed. Having a license means the plumbing company has gone through standard training and follows the local codes just like Plumbing Experts Florence.

  1. Are you insured and bonded?

After asking if they have a license, you should also ask about their insurance policy. Be sure that you are dealing with a company that’s bonded and insured. With the plumber having an insurance policy in place, you no longer have any financial obligation in case the plumber is involved in an accident while working on your plumbing project.

  1. Are you going to charge per hour or is the rate fixed?

Before any work can begin in your home, clarify the rate with the plumber. Ask whether they charge per hour or if they have a fixed charge. Either way, it is important to know their means of charging. Asking this also avoids any unwelcome surprises when the plumbing repair is finished. It will also allow you to compute the amount that could possibly be charged with the estimate that they have previously given you.

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