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Five Signs That You Should Call A Plumber

PlumberPlumbing problems are not something you often experience at home. If you do have a problem with your plumbing, it is best to call a plumber. What are some situations that require professional assistance? There are not always reasons to call a professional plumber. However, if these signs are present, it is a good idea to quickly dial your local plumber.

These signs might mean you need to call a plumber.

Water drains slowly – This is a sign that you need to contact an emergency plumber. Slow draining water is an indication that something is blocking the water circulation. A kitchen sink is typically clogged with oil and dust. This prevents water flow. It is usually normal hair or gels in bathrooms that can dissolve with water and form a ball. The accumulation usually begins near the walls of the draining pipes. It is best to call a plumber if the water seems to be draining slower than usual.

Water backing up – This could be the worst thing that can happen to property owners. Negative and sour water can cause damage to flooring, carpets, furniture, as well as carpets. Backflow is the result of water leaking back from the sink. Backflow occurs when water circulation suddenly changes, causing water to reverse up the drainpipe. A sewer backupflow is the worst. If you experience a sewer backflow, contact your plumbing experts immediately.

Low water pressure – If the water pressure remains low despite turning the tap handle numerous times, this is an indication of a problem in the tap’s aerator. This is preventing the tap from removing as much water as it needs. Although it may seem like a straightforward three-step process, it could cause damage to the tap pipe’s internals. There are many reasons why low water pressure could occur. For help, it is best to contact a plumbing contractor before the situation gets worse.

Gurgling water – Gurgling is another reason many house owners rely on specialists. You can usually hear the water gurgling when you run the dishwasher, wash the dishes or use the bathroom. This is caused by water getting trapped under the faucet. This is when the drainpipe becomes blocked by something. This can also happen when the draining pipes system tries to grab air. It can cause water support to leak into your home if you don’t shut off the water immediately.

You run out of water? Are you curious about where the water is going? You might not be aware of a leaky pipe. It is often difficult to find the problem because many pipelines run underground or behind walls. You might find a bigger problem if you check in on your neighbor to see if they have water and you don’t. For immediate assistance, call Plumbing Experts Florence.

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Florence Plumber Tips Drinking Water Safe

plumbing contractorTiny amounts of metal in tap water in your home can cause developmental problems in children, high blood pressure in the family, and impaired kidney function in adults, just as lead paint in older houses. Radium has been shown to cause cancer. Too much chlorine can cause irritation to the eyes and noses, as well as discomfort in the stomach. You don’t need to feel helpless. There are many ways to ensure that your home’s drinking water is safe.

Here are some simple plumbing tips that will help you get started.

Check Your Water

You should have your water tested regularly by an environmental testing laboratory licensed by the state if you get it from a well. They can check for changes in water quality and the presence of contaminants like nitrates or coliform bacteria. These substances could slowly seep into the ground and underground aquifers.

Experts recommend annual testing. Experts recommend that you test for lead in drinking water if there are concerns about your utility’s supply. This could be because of violations of the Environmental Protection Agency rules or if your plumbing system is old.

Check the Water Quality Report of The Utility Company

Despite federal regulations setting limits for the amount of contaminants in drinking water that can be found, some public systems continue to exceed those limits. Check to see if your utility has violated the Consumer Confidence Annual Report (also known as the Water Quality Report). The EPA requires that this report be sent to you by July 1, every year. It also outlines the plans of your utility to address all cited issues.

Filter your water

Filtering your home water will give you and your family another line of defense against any contaminants that might pass through your local utility. While some experts disagree with the idea, many plumbing professionals strongly recommend it to homeowners.

Keep your plumbing system up-to-date

Paint flecks aren’t the only known carrier of toxic metals in older homes. If your Florence plumbing system contains lead pipes, you should have them replaced immediately. Leaking plumbing pipes can lead to contaminating your drinking water. This can lead to many health problems, including developmental issues in children. It can also increase blood pressure and cause damage to your kidneys.

You should also hire a plumber to replace any corroded pipes in the house. These are the main sources of copper in your water supply. Exposure to copper for long periods of time can cause liver and kidney damage.

Do not poison the Reservoir and The Well

Reduce the use of pesticides and fertilizers in your yard. Do not forget to bring antifreeze and used oil to a recycle station or service center. Avoid flushing any unused medication as they could contribute to trace amounts of pharmaceuticals and medicines that end up in your drinking water.

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What Are Some Plumber Tips for First Time Homeowners?

plumberMoving into a new home often comes with mixed emotions. For people who have lived in different homes before, the feeling might not be as intense. However, for those who are first-time homeowners, it can be quite overwhelming. You’ll be faced with numerous responsibilities around the house. Taking care of the plumbing is one of the things that you should be made aware of. If you don’t have a clear idea of how to take care of your plumbing, read the rest of this article. We’ll give you some professional plumber tips on how to deal with different plumbing situations.

Check out the five plumber tips below:

Use a bucket of water to flush the toilet

There will be times when your toilet just won’t seem to work. If you are having a hard time flushing your toilet, use a bucket of water in the meantime. This will serve as a quick way to flush the toilet and fix whatever is causing the problem. If you don’t know how to troubleshoot your toilet, call a plumber Florence, SC right away. It is safer to call an expert for plumbing repairs than trying to fix the issue on your own only to end up making matters worse.

Use a plunger to unclog drains and sinks

One handy plumbing tip to always remember is to use that plunger. You might have seen it a couple of times but haven’t had the opportunity to use it. Basically, a plunger is used to fix clogged drains or sinks. It works by creating a vacuum, pressurizing the inside of the pipes, and dislodging whatever is causing the blockage. However, using a plunger may take some getting used to. You need to get the hang of it first before you could increase your chances of easily fixing the problem.

Purchase basic tools

It is important to have a set of tools in your home. Every homeowner must have some basic plumbing tools like pliers, hex keys, a wrench, and many more. You could find a cheap kit at your local hardware store. Of course, if you know your tools, be sure to invest your money in top-quality brands.

Know where the main shutoff valve is located

One crucial thing to understand is the location of the main shutoff valve. When a major leak breaks loose in your home, the best way to limit the damage is to shut the water supply. You can do this by turning off the shutoff valve. It is usually located outside your home and easily accessible.

Be sure to have a plumbing kit handy

Having tools around will come in handy someday. However, you need to have tools specifically designed for DIY plumbing repairs or upgrades. This will give you an option to fix your own plumbing when needed. Of course, if you don’t have the tools and don’t want to fiddle around with broken plumbing, you could always call Plumbing Experts Florence.

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7 Things You Should Do To Find The Right Plumber

Wplumberhether you need to have your water heater fixed, your garbage disposal checked out, or your drains unclogged, the services of a professional plumber is what you need.  If you’re like most homeowners, you wouldn’t want to do the repairs on your own. After all, plumbing repair is often a dirty business that most of us would rather have a plumber do it. Other than that, plumbers will do a better job than any DIY plumbing repair. However, you’d need to find the right plumber first before you could have all of your plumbing problems solved.

Here are some tips on how you could find a good plumber near you:

Be sure that the plumber you hire is licensed

The first thing that you need to accomplish when hiring a plumber Florence, SC is to find out if the plumber has a license. It is important to establish this as a baseline whenever you hire any kind of contractor. Having a license means that the contractor has gone through all the necessary channels including training and certifications.

Inquire about their experience in the industry

Another thing that you should ask about the plumber is their experience. How long has the plumber been in the industry? A license is one thing and experience is another. A well-seasoned plumber is likely to do a really good job at plumbing repair and other tasks.

Ask if they could give you a written estimate

When you are still going through your shortlist of possible plumbers, ask for a written estimate. This is free and the plumber shouldn’t be bothered enough to handle this request.

Check reviews and confirm references

To determine if the plumber is true to their word, make sure you check online reviews and see what other people have to say about the plumber. Also, when they give you some references, be sure to double-check. Do contact the references and see how well their previous clients respond to the services they received.

Compare all the plumbers on your list

When you are going through your list, don’t skip anything. Be sure that you compare all the offerings you get to land with the best possible deal.

Get personal referrals

When you are looking for a plumbing contractor, be sure that you get your information from the right sources. Your friends, family, or even your neighbors could give you a good number of plumbing contractors in the area.

Get professional referrals

When you can’t seem to get useful information from the people around you, get referrals from other professionals. Maybe you’ve had the opportunity to work with an electrician or perhaps an HVAC specialist in the past. You can ask these professionals for some tips and a handful of names that you could possibly look into. If you are looking for quality plumbing services, you can count on Plumbing Experts Florence.

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Selecting A Plumber You Can Rely On

plumberIf you’ve ever came home to a flooded bathroom or basement, you know that contacting a professional is the only way to go. The question is, who do you call? It’s obvious that you need to call a plumber but which one? It’s a bit tricky to find a good plumber but it is not impossible. Through the right means, you can quickly get hold of a plumbing professional that could provide all the services you need.

Here’s what you need to do in order to find a reliable plumber:

Gather recommendations – word-of-mouth is always a powerful tool

If you live in the residential areas, you will not be living alone. The first thing as well as most likely the fastest method you can get hold of a reliable plumber Florence, SC is to request for referrals from individuals you know. Your next-door neighbor, close friends, or family members might have some in mind. In addition to, you only get to make a few phone calls and you might miss the hiring procedure completely. Referrals are usually good however you must likewise take into consideration the various other steps just in case.

Get information from the right people

Experts in different professions may recognize a handful of plumbing professionals in your area. It’s also a good indication of which plumbing contractors are active in the neighborhood. The majority of the time, your neighborhood electrician or may know a professional or 2 that would fit your needs. It’s a long odds yet it is still worth a try.

Ask for references – preferably recent clients

Do not be afraid to ask for recommendations. The last thing that you would certainly want to do is employ a plumbing contractor without examining their references. Ask around. Collect as several referrals as feasible. It’s much better to get real-life evaluations from previous customers. That will give you a clear suggestion of whether that certain plumber did a fantastic work from his previous job. Certainly, you may need to call a few of these references to see to it that the service provider did a great work on all projects.

Make sure the plumber is both licensed and insured

Plumbing contractors that use both household and also commercial plumbing solutions need to have a certificate and also must be guaranteed. You require to check whether they are qualified or otherwise. Likewise, see to it that they have insurance policy. In case anything fails with their work, you don’t need to pay out your very own cash money for added repair work.

Get quotes from a bunch of plumbing contractors

There are plumbing technicians that offer their services at a reasonable price as well as there are others that request for high service fees. When you don’t wish to invest way too much on pipes fixings yet still intend to get the job done right, obtain as many quotes as you can. You can then identify which plumber has the least asking rate. Naturally, you must additionally take into consideration all the various other factors noted over combined with a good cost. Plumbing Experts Florence is one of those companies that offer top-tier plumbing services at reasonable rates.

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Pro Plumber Tips – Keeping Plumbing Issues At Bay While You Are Away

plumberIf you are going away on vacation, there are a few tips that you should know to avoid coming back home to nightmarish plumbing issues. Before you leave, check out these tips from our local plumber.

Here are a few plumbing tips before you go on vacation:

Turn off the main shutoff valve

The first thing that you need to do, and probably the most important, is to turn off the main water supply valve. Of course, you need to locate where it is. The main shutoff valve is often located outside your home for convenience. Turn it off to cut the water leading to the home. This will ensure that you won’t be coming home to a burst pipes especially if you leave during the winter. It is also best to find a plumber near me before you leave. A quick plumbing inspection can go a long way.

Check for any leakage

You probably know about all the little quirks of your plumbing system by now. It’s the attention to detail that really keeps the issues away. However, there are certain things that you might not know just yet. Before you leave, you should check for leaks. The last thing you would want is to flood your house while you are away. If you do find any issues with your plumbing, hire an emergency plumber service.

Test out your sump pump

In case you have a sump pump installed in your home, it is best to check to try it out before you leave home. See if the sump pump is working or not. In case of a flood or excess rain, the pump can take care of the excess water without dealing with damage to your home, particularly your basement.

Power down your water heater in the meantime

Your water heater won’t be of any use while you are away. It would be in your best interest to power it off before you leave. However, if your water heater has a “vacation mode” built-in, you can enable this feature to save electricity.

Check your drains

Be sure that your drains are completely empty. You don’t want food debris rotting inside your drain. Run your garbage disposal for a few minutes while letting your tap run. This will allow the garbage disposal to clean itself as well as the drain.

Adjust the temperature

Before you leave, check and adjust the temperature inside your home. You don’t want to freeze your pipes while you are away during the winter. However, you don’t have to worry about your pipes if you are gone during the spring and summer.

Have a neighbor check in from time to time

If you will be gone for weeks or about a month, have a neighbor check-in so they could check for problems. Before you leave, it is also advised to hire a professional like Plumbing Experts Florence to inspect and maintain your plumbing.

Are you planning to go on vacation? Don’t leave your plumbing unattended. Hire Plumbing Experts Florence to check your plumbing before you go. You may reach us at (843) 536-4568.

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Pro Plumber Tips To Avoid Common Plumbing Scams

plumberPlumbing is a complicated task that requires both knowledge and precision. Go through any city phonebook and you will find countless plumber that they work fast at a price you can afford. Unfortunately, there are those who are in the business just because they want to make a quick buck and are not shy about running a plumbing scam. Provided below is a list of the most common scams run by shady plumbing contractors and how to avoid them.

Uses Low-Cost Materials But Promises You High-Quality Ones

This scam focuses on the materials used for the plumbing tasks. Top quality cross-linked PEX or polyethylene pipe or copper tubing are expensive and most homeowners are willing to purchase costly products that will keep their plumbing system in tip-top shape for another 10 years. However, shady plumbing contractors tell you that they are using only the best materials and charge you for that even if in truth, they are actually using low-cost alternatives.

You can beat this scam in two ways. Ask the plumbing contractor about the parts they plan to use and bring the list to your local home improvement and hardware store. In case the plumber is using top quality materials but are charging you too much, you can call his bluff. If he is using low-end products but dares to make a huge profit, it is best to find another plumbing contractor.

Another method is to check what is on the invoice and make sure that it matches what is behind your walls. In case your plumber says that he is using a certain PEX tubing brand, inspect it before it is installed and be sure that he is not trying a bait and switch trick.

Hiring Extra Workers

For this type of scam, your Florence plumbing contractor starts his work as soon as the contract is signed, however, within a week you will find that there are far more people in your house than necessary. In some instances, extra workers are apprentices. However, there are contractors who try to increase their profits by subcontracting certain parts of the job and then claim that they can only control their rates and not the hourly rates of others. You have to ask why each worker is required. If you are not sure who is doing what in your house, ask them to stop what they are doing and ask. You don’t want to pay extra costs for unnecessary work.


If you reside in a wealthy neighborhood, beware of contractors who overcharge. Plumbers do not need to have a fixed hourly rate for plumbing repair, which means they can charge whatever their clients are willing to pay. There are a few contractors who spot lavish cars in your garage, a hot tub in the yard, or an expensive TV screen in your living room. They may instantly assume that you’ve got deep pocks and will increase their hourly rates by as much as 50% or even 100%. Before you give the go signal for any kind of plumbing work, ask at least three plumbing contractors to check the job and give you estimates for the materials and labor.

No Written Estimates

Some shady contractors are smooth talkers. But there are those like Plumbing Experts Florence who can live up to their word. When you want something, he will immediately say no problem and he will always keep a running total of the costs as he moves through your home. By the time you as for a written estimate, he will tell you that he has to sit down and itemize all the materials and labor costs and he will get back to you as soon as he can. Once he does, he will offer a final budget over the phone and not in writing. He will promise to send over the paperwork but he seems to be so eager to begin the work so you let him. A few weeks have passed and there is still no written estimate. By the time job is finished, you will get an invoice that is at least twice as much as the original quote he gave you. Don’t forget to get a written quote and make sure the contract you sign specifies how much you need to pay and when. By doing so, if you are not satisfied with the work quality or if the job is not finished on time, you will have a chance to fight for it in civil court.

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Typical Plumbing Issues After A Storm

plumber FlorenceThe recent hurricane Florence has damaged many homes and properties in South Carolina. Getting back up after a devastating hurricane can be a long and strenuous procedure. Luckily, there is a dedicated plumber Florence to helping homeowners with their plumbing problems. If your house is affected by flooding, there might be concealed pipe damage that you will not discover till a certified plumbing expert performs an extensive evaluation of your residential or commercial property.

Most Common Plumbing Issues After A Storm

Obstructed Drains

Floodwater usually includes some quantity of dirt and silt, and when the waters have dried up, that residue is left. Any drains pipes in your house that were covered by floodwater might be obstructed by these particles. In a lot of cases, a plunger or a pipes snake– can clear these obstructions. However, if you’re fretted about further damaging your pipes, you can just wait for the plumber to arrive and do the inspection. For any plumbing repair, call in an expert.

Filthy and Broken Components

Any plumbing components that suffered physical damage due to the wind, structural failure, or drifting or flying particles will likely require to be changed. However, those that are intact will still require some TLC in the kind of a comprehensive cleaning with diluted bleach. When it concerns faucets and showerheads, you might require to dismantle them and soak the specific parts in bleach to avoid mold development. Call an emergency plumber if problems arise and you can’t contain the situation.

Damaged Water Lines in the House

The dangers of flying particles from a cyclone and drifting particles from a flood provide a double threat to your house’s pipelines. If a pipeline is split or broken, you might not even be able to know the issue till after the floodwater has gone down and is totally eliminated from the house. If you see brand-new puddles after the floodwater is gone, shut the water off at the primary valve while you wait for your plumber’s evaluation. Call Plumbing Experts Florence for such emergencies.

Broken Pipeline Underground

All that standing water and the saturated soil below develop a squashing weight. Regrettably, buried water and waste lines might stop working under this load. If you see sinkholes on your residential or commercial property after the water declines, that’s a possible indication that several lines have collapsed under your yard. A plumbing professional might require to perform an electronic camera evaluation to validate.

Structure Damage

Pipelines can break if they’re walked around by a house’s moving structure. Structure damage can happen throughout a flood if there’s motion in the saturated soil underneath the structure. This unstable ground might make the structure fracture, and plumbing pipelines are simply one kind of structure product that might be harmed as an outcome.

If you need help with your plumbing, especially after Hurricane Florence, you can call Plumbing Pros Florence today! You may reach us at (843) 536-4568.

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Plumber Florence Tips on Dishwasher Problems and Leaks

plumberOnce you go from hand-washing dishes to loading the dishwasher, there’s no going back. So when the dishwasher starts having issues, there’s no time at all to squander in getting to the bottom of it. You can always call in a plumber in Florence regarding some plumbing issues, but there are some little, typical dishwasher issues that you can identify, if not repair, all by yourself.

What to do when your dishwasher stops working?

Having a water leakage is bothering enough, but your dishwasher is genuinely useless when there’s no water at all. And as with leakages, there are a few different common ways that this problem can happen:

Stuck or broken float switch

The float switch is usually a plastic disc or cone that is attached to the flooring of the dishwasher and is able to move up and down a couple of centimeters. When enough water has filled the dishwasher, the rising float switch is supposed to tell the dishwasher to stop the water flow. However, if the switch gets stuck in the “up” position by soap residue or a fallen fork, no water will flow at all. This switch can also break, where case it will need to be changed.

Stuck or broken door sensing unit

All dishwashers have a security system to avoid the flow of water when the door is not latched. If your lock isn’t really “clicking” into location when you close the dishwasher, there could be a fallen object or some kind of residue blocking the latch. If the latch is operating effectively, it’s possible that the electronic switch that controls the water flow is broken and should be replaced. In worst cases, professional plumbing repair will be necessary.

Water Supply problem

If you have water in the sink, you know the problem is not really the main supply. The next thing to check is the valve under the sink that diverts the water to the dishwasher. If that’s open, follow the supply tube to make sure it isn’t kinked. You might need to eliminate the dishwasher’s kick plate to see the complete length of the hose.

Finding and Fixing Leaks

Dishwashers are developed to not spill a drop, however, leakages can show if particular parts malfunction or get damaged. If you have an older dishwasher, some parts might be failing due to age and wear, which can also lead to leakages. Finding leaks isn’t an easy task. You should contact Plumbing Experts Florence right away should you suspect any leakages.

If you see pooling water or signs of water spray around your dishwasher, it might be coming from one of these three locations:

Around the door

The door is lined with a rubber gasket, just like the one on your refrigerator door. If there is a tear in the gasket, or if it ended up being cracked and fragile with age, this might be the source of your leakage.

At the water source

A hose pipe or pipeline brings water from your plumbing to your dishwasher’s water inlet. If this connection is loose or if a gasket has failed, water could be dripping from this area.

Underneath the dishwasher

At this point, there are three areas where leakage can take place: in the water inlet, the seal around the pump, and the drain. Leakages in these locations can be brought on by loose or failed tube clamps, cracked gaskets, or a damaged pump.

To get a good look around, you may have to clear out the area under your kitchen area sink and get rid of the front kick plate of your dishwasher. Use a flashlight to look all over for the source of the water. If your dishwasher is not really installed on your countertop or cabinets, you might be able to run the dishwasher far from the wall to obtain a better look. Beware not to snag or break any hose pipes if you do this.

If you’re lucky, you may be able to pin the source down to a loose connection– something you can repair in under a minute. If it’s a failed gasket or pump, examine your dishwasher manufacturer’s website for details on replacement parts and DIY repairs. You may find the guidelines for these repair work remarkably simple, and if it winds up being something you don’t want to manage yourself, your professional plumber Florence can always step in to make it a quick repair.

When it comes to dishwasher problems and other plumbing concerns, you can always call Plumbing Pros Florence. You may reach us at (843) 536-4568.

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Plumber Florence SC Suggestions on Pet-Proofing Your Pipes

plumberA recent study from the American Pet Product Association suggests that about 68% of homeowners have family pets, which is about 100 million houses. Thus this is the number of households that need to have their plumbing work even with pets around. Below are a few steps to take when it comes to pet-proofing your plumbing. Be sure to follow this guide and you will never have to worry about your pets and your plumbing says a plumber in Florence, SC.

Plumber Florence SC Guide To Pet Proofing Plumbing

Exposed plumbing should be covered

This is similar to childproofing a home where young kids are curious about cupboards and doors. The same concept is true about pets. Be sure to cover exposed pipelines to avoid a trip to the vet.

If a pet dog chews on or plays with a pipeline, dealing with the damage might be expensive trouble. It may also damage the rest of the plumbing system at home and even injure your pet. Avoid the unnecessary expense by covering up your exposed pipes and save up on plumbing repair and medical costs.

Give pets enough water to drink

Pet dogs that are thirsty tend to go to the bathroom to drink toilet water. Avoid this incident by giving your pet plenty of water drink so they will keep out of the toilet just to drink. As a general rule, be sure to refill your pet’s water dish at least twice a day.

Wash unclean animals outdoors

Playing in the mud is every pet’s desire, but it could also trigger plumbing problems. When you wash pets in the tub, chances are muddy pet hair can get caught in the drain. Sadly, the hair can get stuck in the pipelines causing clogged drains. Luckily, a professional like Plumbing Experts Florence can make quick work of such problems.

To prevent such clogs, try to wash or rinse pets outdoors to get rid of the most awful of the crud. When you have gotten rid of enough mud to see the pet, take them inside to end up the work. If you wash your dogs or cats outside, you are doing your plumbing pipes a favor and saving you money on drain cleaning.

Keep cleaning chemicals out of reach (especially by children and pets)

If animals get involved in your bathroom cleaning products, they can make themselves seriously unwell. Ensure your shower room cleansers are either up and out of reach or behind secured cupboard doors.

Prevent having chemical drainpipe cleansers to begin with. These chemicals are not just toxic to family pets, they also damage your plumbing says a Florence plumber, SC.

Learn more about pet-proofing your plumbing system, when you visit or call Plumbing Pros Florence. You may reach us at (843) 536-4568.

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