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How Do You Find The Right Plumber Myrtle Beach?

plumberHave you ever tried hiring a plumber ? If you have, how was your experience? How easy was it to find a reliable one? The thing with hiring any kind of contractor nowadays is that it’s not as straightforward as it once was. Although you may have the internet, results will vary. Any company can put up a website and claim to be the best in the world. The same could be said for any contractor out there. That’s why when you hire a plumbing contractor it is best to be aware of who you are hiring.

Tips on how you can find the best plumber Myrtle Beach

Education and training

When you are looking to have that leaking pipe fixed, it is best to hire a well-trained plumber. You simply can’t, and should never, hire a professional that you never heard of or at least did research on. When you are hiring a plumber Florence, make sure to do a background check on them. Ask them where they went to school, what training they’ve been through, their years of apprenticeship, and the certifications they’ve gathered over the years. Checking for credentials is the first thing that you should always do when hiring a contractor.

Choose a trusted plumber

Having proper education is one thing and gaining the trust of customers is another. It is never enough to call a plumber good based on their training alone. How they implement what they’ve learned in real life will affect how customers feel about their service. To add to your list of qualifications, the plumbers on your list must also have good feedback from previous clients. Never hire a plumbing contractor that’s plagued with bad reviews. More often than not, these reviews tell a story of how the plumber performs in real life.

Pick one that’s insured

Plumbing repairs, installation, and upgrades could get messy. Apart from all the mess that could be generated, there are unforeseen circumstances that you need to be prepared for. When hiring a plumber, make sure that they are insured. An active insurance policy not only protects the plumbers while they are on the job, but it also protects the interest of their clients as well.

Make sure the plumber is experienced with the issue you have

Experience, as they say, is the best teacher. Although inexperienced plumbers might be packed with skill and talent, having enough experience is a trait that you just can’t overlook. Hire a plumber like Plumbing Experts Florence. They’ve got good ratings, offer their services at reasonable rates, and they’ve got the track record to prove their experience. Bear in mind that it is never enough to hire a plumbing contractor based on one criterion alone. Use all of the steps provided in this article and you’ll surely find one that’s reliable.

If you are looking for the best plumbing services in Florence, you should call Plumbing Experts Florence. We are happy to take your call. You may reach us at 843-536-4568.

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Signs That Show You Need A Plumbing Upgrade

plumbingYou don’t usually need to upgrade your plumbing. It takes years for quality plumbing fixtures to wear out even with daily use. However, there’s no set date on when they will start encountering problems that lead to failure later on. Luckily, there are signs that could tell you a plumbing upgrade is due. Some of these signs are pretty obvious while others are a bit inconspicuous. Either way, when you see certain problems with your plumbing, it could be a sign that repairs wouldn’t do so much and an upgrade is the only way to resolve things once and for all. Here are some of the most common signs that tell you should upgrade your plumbing:

Plumbing problems that are beyond repair calls for an upgrade

Leaking fixtures – your faucet, shower head, or toilet takes years to finally break down. However, it is not indicated when they will start to do so. The only thing that’s constant is the fact that plumbing fixtures will leak at some point or at least show signs of wear and tear. The moment that you see leaks on your faucet or pipes, that may indicate that you need repairs. Call your local plumbing contractor immediately to prevent the problem from escalating.

Malfunctioning water heaters – it’s inconvenient when your water heater stops working on you when you need warm water the most. When you happen to find that your water heater is no longer supplying your home with warm water that it is supposed to, consult your local plumbing contractor in Florence for the next course of action.

Leaking water lines – what’s more troublesome than a clogged sink is having leaks on your water lines. It’s wasteful and inconvenient. When your water lines have leaks, you tend to waste a lot of good water as well as having water pressure in your house reduced. The most sensible thing to do when you spot leaks on your water line is to call your plumbing contractor right away. Before your plumber arrives, shut the valve leading to your home to keep water from pooling near the area of the leak.

Clogged drains – when your drains begin to back up, you know that there’s a problem. However, clogs on your drains might not be easy to resolve all the time. Sometimes, years of buildup finally grew big enough to cause severe impediment to your drain. You can attempt to make DIY repairs but for the most part, hiring a professional plumber like Plumbing Experts Florence is more sensible.

Corroded pipes – you won’t normally have to deal with corroded pipes if your house has just recently been built. However, for homes that are more than three decades old, pipe corrosion is quite normal. Pipes, especially those that are made from galvanized iron or copper would see some corrosion over the years.

In general, plumbing lasts for years without showing signs of wear. On the other hand, when they do show signs of problems, it indicates significant wear that may call for repair or replacement. Either way, you should consult professionals for repairs and replacements to avoid enlarging the problem at hand.

Call Plumbing Experts Florence if you are looking for a reliable and reputable plumber in your area.

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Tips To Prevent Plumbing Emergencies

Florence plumbingYou may have taken your Florence plumbing system as a given until it broke down. A burst pipe, backed-up toilet or other plumbing emergency can be enough to bring attention to a homeowner. This type of plumbing emergency can be costly and inconvenient. It is much more practical to take care of your plumbing than to call an emergency plumber to fix your plumbing problem.

Look for Leaks

Regularly inspect your fixtures and check for unusual increases in your water bills. This is most likely due to water leaks. If you find a leak, make sure you fix it immediately. Even the smallest leak can lead to a major plumbing emergency. You should also look out for signs like a toilet that is rocking at the base, or moisture indicators such as stained walls and peeling paint.

Take care of your toilet

Other than toilet paper and human waste, there is no other thing you should put in your toilet. You should not flush diapers, food leftovers, feminine hygiene products, or dead fish into your toilet. You should not pour oils or fats down the toilet, garbage disposal, or in the sink. Grease can also cause problems with your plumbing pipes. Ask Plumbing Experts Florence for more information on how to fix stubborn toilet problems.

Be Kind To Your Kitchen Garbage Disposal

Bones, fruits and potato peals can be too hard. Celery stalks, artichoke leaves and corn husks are too stringy. Rice, pasta, and oatmeal can cause machine clogs. Metal, plastic, and other non-food items are also a bad idea. You can use your kitchen garbage disposal to dispose of smaller quantities of food in mixing bowls or dinner dishes. Rest of the food can go in your compost pile or garbage can.

Sink Strainers Available

Sink strainers are ideal for kitchen and bathroom. They prevent hair from getting down the drain, causing blockages in your pipes. You can also get a larger version to protect your shower drains while you’re at it.

Do not treat clogged drains with harsh chemicals

Because they can damage the pipes, it is not recommended that you use any harsh chemicals to clear drain clogs. To clear minor drain clogs, you can also use a drain snake or a plunger. A licensed emergency plumber should be able to resolve any other serious blockages.

To get rid of sediment buildup, drain your water heater tank

Turn off any gas, electricity, or cold water supply valves of the heater before you do anything else. You should also check the tank for leaks and other plumbing problems at least once a month.

Find out where your main shutoff valve is located

The main shutoff valve for your plumbing system is located near the water meter. This is located in front of your house. You should turn off the water supply to prevent an overflowing appliance from causing a larger problem.

If you have a plumbing emergency, call Plumbing Experts Florence. You may reach us at (843) 536-4568.

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Why Should Your Plumbing Florence Leaks Be Repaired As Soon As Possible?

plumbing FlorenceIf there are plumbing leaks present in your home, you should be alarmed. While not all leaks are cause for major concerns, all of them need to be attended to right away. This is due to the fact that letting leaks go on for quite some time might exacerbate the problem at hand. You might end up with an even bigger problem if you let your leaky pipes go on without repairs. When you do decide to have the problem fixed, you might be surprise as to how much it has progressed. When you see signs of leaks, call a plumbing Florence right away. Leaks are best addressed when they first appear and not when signs of damage are already visible.

Three reasons why you should have leaks repaired right away:

Leaks can waste an alarming amount of water

One of the major threats that leaks bring is water wastage. If there’s a leak in your plumbing, you could be slowly trickling clean water away, perfectly usable but gone to waste. Not only that, it’s not just a few gallons that you will potentially waste. When the pressure in the pipes rise, the leak also intensifies, wasting more water. And the sad part about it is that you will have to pay for every drop of water lost. That’s why you should hire a plumbing Florence Florence, SC to fix leaks whenever you find one.

The damages could be irreversible

Leaks are not just wasteful, they can be damaging as well. While that leaky faucet might not pose much of a threat to your home, a major pipe leak could deal irreversible damage. Think about the water damage to your walls, appliances, and more. These are all irreversible. However, leaks are also preventable. What you need to do is call a plumber whenever you notice that something is leaking. Don’t waste time trying to fix the problem on your own. While it may be rewarding to fix that annoying leak, chances are, you might also worsen the problem. For more concrete solutions, call a plumbing contractor for repairs.

Mold could form due to leaks

What’s worse than irreversible damage? More damage! That’s right. Leaks are notorious for damaging homes. Not only that, a single leaky pipe could permit mold growth in your home. Mold can eat away at wood and other materials. You simply don’t want mold in your home. That is reason enough why you should call in Plumbing Experts Florence when leaks start to appear.

Hire a plumbing professional

Leaks can be dangerous. However, they can also be easily prevented. To make sure that your home is leak-free, hire a plumber and get a plumbing inspection. A thorough plumbing inspection can keep your plumbing in good shape and plumbing leaks at bay.

If you need professional plumbing services, don’t hesitate to call Plumbing Experts Florence. You may reach us at (843) 536-4568.

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How Can You Avoid Accidental Damage To Plumbing Fixtures?

plumbing FlorenceYou’ll find a lot of tips on the internet about how to properly care for plumbing Florence. However, now all advice you read is good. Some of them might even cause more harm than good. That’s why you should be mindful of the information you find on the internet especially when it comes to your plumbing. There are plenty of ways you could accidentally damage your plumbing. However, understanding the dos and don’ts will quickly eliminate all of your plumbing woes.

Here are some common ways you could unknowingly damage your plumbing:

Pouring boiling water or cleaners down the drain

Most of the DIY drain fix you could find on the internet will include boiling water and other ingredients. However, pouring boiling water down the drain might actually damage your plumbing Florence Florence, SC. For instance, if you were to pour boiling hot water on ceramic fixtures like your sink, there’s a tendency for the ceramic coating to crack. Other than that, boiling water could damage your pipes and more. That’s why you should be wary about this plumbing hack and the possible downsides it could entail. It’s one cheap trick but could cost you hundreds of dollars in repairs.

Using toilet bowl cleaner on other fixtures

There’s a reason why toilet bowl cleaners shouldn’t be used on other fixtures. First off, toilet bowl cleaners are stronger than your average cleaners. In fact, they are so strong that using toilet bowl cleaners on other fixtures could cause corrosion and staining. Lastly, you should avoid this practice because some toilet bowl cleaners are corrosive. You will need a plumber to fix the issues once everything goes wrong.

Using toilet tank cleaners

Sure, toilet tank cleaners are time-savers. However, do you know the lasting effects of using such chemicals? While cleaner tablets might not seem scream of danger, they can be harmful to all of the moving parts inside the toilet tank. They could cause corrosion which leads to failure. That’s why you might notice that your toilet tank won’t stop flushing.

Using a suction bathtub mat

Another common practice of many is the use of suction bathtub mats. Though seemingly harmless, these bathtub additions might cause damage in the long run. Bathtub mats could damage the finish over time. Though it is a slow process, your bathtub will sustain some form of damage just through the use of an ordinary suction bathtub mat.

When you experience any kind of plumbing issues at home, it is best to hire an expert like Plumbing Experts Florence. Not only will plumbing experts provide the services that you need, they could also provide invaluable insight on how to properly care for plumbing fixtures and more. Do note that the best advice often comes from the person who knows best. And when it comes to plumbing, nobody knows better than your local plumber.

If you need plumbing advice and services, you should call Plumbing Experts Florence. You may reach us at (843) 536-4568.

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Plumbing Tips – Solving Noisy Pipes

plumbingNoisy pipes can be downright annoying at times and the sound can sometimes be unbearable. It’s these kinds of plumbing issues that can get to the nerve of even the most patient homeowner there is. Noisy pipes can result from a number of causes and most of the time it can be hard to locate the source of the problem. Although you can manage to find the source of the issue, you might not be able to fix the problem all the time. In most cases, the services of a plumber will be necessary. However, there are solutions you can try before you call in the pros.

Here are some common causes of noisy pipes and now to solve them:

  1. Water hammer – this is one of the most common issues of noisy Florence plumbing. Water is fed into the pipes with several psi. As the water rushes through the pipes and out the faucet, momentum is generated. As the faucet is closed, there remains an energy that has nowhere to go. This is what causes the pipes to rattle or hammer. However, air cushions or risers are commercially available. These are devices that hold the air which acts as a cushion, preventing the hammering noise. However, the air is lost over time. This can be solved by shutting the main shutoff valve and opening the faucets in the house. This lets in the air back in the risers and solves the hammering issue.
  1. Loose pipes – another cause of plumbing noise are loose pipes. There are pipes that run under the house which carry wastewater. When there is a large volume of water running through the pipes, it creates some movement in the pipes. This loosens the supports of the pipes which cause noise. It can be hard to pinpoint where the noise is coming from and it is advised to call a plumber to resolve this issue.
  1. Worn out washer – valves and faucets have washers in them that regulate the flow of water. However, when the washers are worn down, it produces squeaky or whistling noises. To resolve this issue, turn of the water leading to the faucet with the faulty washer and proceed with a replacement. If you are unable to do the replacement on your own, hire Plumbing Experts Florence.
  1. Water pressure regulator – the main shut off valve or water pressure regulator can also be the cause of the noise. If this is the case, you will need to call in a plumbing contractor to handle the problem. Often times, water can get all over the place when the repairs are done by an untrained individual.
  1. Toilets – a noisy toilet is nothing out of the ordinary. After years of use, toilets can get finicky and act up. You may hear noises like banging or rattling at the end of each filling cycle. When this occurs, it is usually the result of a faulty ballcock assembly. The way to resolve this is by replacing the entire assembly with a new one.

Are you having plumbing issues at home? Don’t let any plumbing problems ruin your day! Call Plumbing Experts Florence now! You may reach us at (843) 536-4568.

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Plumbing Myths You Need To Know

plumbingYour plumbing system pumps clean water right into your home and gets rid of hazardous contaminants so your family does not consume chemicals. Additionally, this system supplies warm water for bathing, washing, and other household chores. However, many homeowners do not fully understand the complicated functions of their plumbing system until trouble arises. Without understanding how your plumbing works, you could be triggering severe damage and not realize it.

Here are Plumbing Myths That You Should Know About

You can place all food particles down the waste disposal unit

This is wrong! There are several types of food that could potentially damage your waste disposal unit. Although it might look like they could handle anything because they are made of steel, they are in fact vulnerable devices that could damage easily.

To prevent clogs and damaging your unit, it is better to know the proper waste disposal. Cooking oil should never be poured down the drain since these could harden as well as create future blockages. Additionally, soft foods like pasta, potatoes, and veggies are damaging to your waste disposal unit. These types of food could accumulate near the bottom and create a mass that could block other food materials from passing.

Citrus fruits are a great-smelling cleanser for the drain pipes and waste disposal unit

Lemons, limes, and also oranges are fantastic in salads as well as smoothie mixes but not in drain pipes! The level of acidity of the citrus fruits wears away and rusts the drains pipes, rapidly triggering damages to the steel pipelines going through your house. Stay clear of utilizing citrus fruits in your drainpipe. You can use vinegar and warm water instead.

You only need plumbing professionals when you experience plumbing trouble

Incorrect! Even if you do not see any problem with your Florence plumbing right now does not mean it is working properly. You need plumbing professionals like Plumbing Experts Florence to inspect and evaluate your plumbing to be sure that everything is in excellent working condition.

The best means to manage obstructions is by utilizing a chemical drainpipe cleaner

Chemical drainpipe cleansers are not just harmful to the atmosphere, they also have lots of caustic contaminants that could rust your pipelines and create long-term damages to your drains pipes. Additionally, chemical drainpipe cleaners are costly and usually inefficient.

The most effective means to handle obstructions is using a lot more efficient, safer, as well as environmentally friendly options you usually find in your kitchen- vinegar and baking soda.

All plumbing professionals are the same

This is not true at all. Plumbing professionals differ in proficiency, quality, as well as the most important, cost! Be sure to call a plumber that has trusted records and trusted by other people, so your plumbing is not left in bad condition.

For reliable and trusted plumbing professionals, call Plumbing Pros Florence. You may reach us at (843) 536-4568.

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6 Steps On Installing New Plumbing

plumbingIf you love household DIY projects, you’ll definitely love installing new plumbing. Not only will you learn a lot about how plumbing works, but you will also earn skills along the way. Of course, this comes with a number of requirements. First of all, you need to be willing to make mistakes as it is a learning process, you should have some skills related to plumbing but not completely needed, and the equipment to make installation easier. However, you should always make hiring a plumber your first priority. This article will be teaching DIYers the basics of installing new plumbing at home. If you are not willing to risk it, you should call your local plumber instead.

The process of installing new plumbing

  1. Familiarize local plumbing codes

The very first thing that you need to understand is the fact that you can’t install plumbing the way you like it. There are codes that you need to follow. If you are trying to install plumbing at home on your own, you should get to know the National Uniform Plumbing Code. Also, check with your local building department for Florence plumbing codes specific to your area.

  1. Prepping the work site

The next thing that you need to do is prepare the work area. If you are working on new construction, everything should be framed and planned so the plumbing could be installed without any obstructions or difficulty. If you installing new plumbing in an existing area, you should know which parts of the wall needs to be removed. Again, if you lack confidence, you should hire a plumber instead.

  1. Installing the drain and vent

You need to do this part as accurately as possible. Vent and drain lines need to be installed before the supply lines. Failing to do this properly means you’ll have to start from scratch again. Before setting everything in place, be sure to test fit every single piece of pipe.

  1. Installing the supply line

Once the drain and vent lines have been completed, it’s time to install the copper supply lines. If you have no experience whatsoever in running copper piping, you should practice first. Start by cutting the pipes and soldering some test joints. This will give you a good idea of how the process works. Also, if you are installing pipe along with the studs, make sure you add nailing plates on the pipe side of the studs. Copper piping punctures easily and needs to be protected.

  1. Installing the shower, tub, or sink

The next thing that you should do is install a shower, tub, or sink. Again, be sure that you are following the local plumbing code. The exact size of the pipes must be used. Shutoff valves must also be added to ensure that the water supply can be individually cut when needed.

  1. Installing tiles or wet wall

After the plumbing has been checked and tested, it will be time to install tiles or wet walls. This part can be tricky. It is best to hire experts like Plumbing Experts Florence for plumbing installation to make sure that everything is working accordingly.

If you need to get your plumbing done, always consider hiring a plumber first before going DIY. Call Plumbing Experts Florence at (843) 536-4568for more information on our services.

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Plumbing Tips – 5 Steps On Unclogging A Kitchen Sink

drain cleaningIt can be quite annoying to find out that your kitchen sink is clogged when you have a lot of dishes to do. Regardless of the severity of the issue, a clogged drain is not anybody’s idea of fun. However, there are ways on how you can unclog a drain without calling a plumber. Although it is mainly advised to hire a professional right away, there are DIY tips that help unclog drains. Read through the rest of this article for helpful insights on unclogging and drain cleaning.

What you should do when faced with a clogged drain:

Making your own DIY drain cleaner

A good drain cleaner will cost you a pretty penny. However, it might not be the best option for you and the environment. Some drain cleaners in the market contain harmful chemicals that may be caustic to humans, animals, and the environment in general. However, making your own drain cleaner is quite easy. Follow the steps below:

  • Remove the drain cover
  • Pour ½ cup of baking soda
  • Pour in 1 cup vinegar
  • Pour boiling water 10 minutes after adding the vinegar
  • Proceed with flushing by turning on the tap

This process, however, does not guarantee good results. It is still best to get professional Florence drain cleaning services instead of going DIY. On the other hand, if time and money is not on your side, you can always take your chances.

Making quick work with a plunger

Another easy method of unclogging a kitchen sink is through the use of a plunger. Be sure that the kitchen sink is filled with a small amount of water. Next, remove the drain cap and align the plunger with the drain. Proceed with plunging by making a quick downward motion to simulate suddenly applied air pressure. This normally dislodges anything that causes the blockage. However, if this process does not work, call your plumber for a more accurate solution.

Using a wire coat hanger

This method can be a bit invasive and you’re also left with one clothes hanger you won’t be using again any time soon. Start by straightening the clothes hanger and bending a small hook at one end. Insert the hooked end into the drain and start twisting to remove any objects that could have caused the clog.

Using a drain snake

If using a clothes hanger does not work, you can also use a similar tool used by Plumbing Experts Florence. A drain snake can work wonders for a clogged kitchen sink. However, not all drain snakes are made the same. Be sure that you pick up one that has a lot of good reviews.

Using a wet vacuum

In case you’ve exhausted all of your DIY drain cleaning methods, you can turn to your trusty wet vacuum or shop vac. Just be sure to make an airtight seal between the drain and the vacuum hose for maximum efficiency. If this still does not work, it’s time you call in a professional plumber.

Hiring a plumber

If all else fails, you can rely on a plumber to save your day. Any clogs or plumbing repair will be a piece of cake. Hiring one should be your first option. However, if you are pressed with time and money, you can always go the DIY route. But then again, there’s always a local plumber you can count on if things don’t turn out the way you want them to.

Are you experiencing plumbing issues at home? Don’t let things get worse! Call Plumbing Experts Florence now at (843) 536-4568.

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Three Plumbing Issues To Watch Out After A Strong Storm

plumbingThe recent hurricane Florence has caused severe damage in the state of South Carolina. Power interruptions, roadway closures, flooding, and evacuations have been experienced in many areas. While there have been concerns about electrical wiring and roof damages, homeowners are also worried about their plumbing.

How are your pipes holding up?

Heavy rainstorms can put tension on drain systems and pipelines, and you might find your pipes pestered with issues in the after-effects of a wicked storm. To be sure that all problems are resolved, hire a professional like Plumbing Experts Florence.

Plumbing Concerns to Watch Out After A Storm

Obstructed Drains or Clogged Water Lines

Pipelines and drain pipes can end up being obstructed after heavy rainstorms due to the enormous quantity of leaves, dirt, and particles that can accumulate and block drains pipes. Obstructed drains pipes throughout heavy storms are typical as they are usually not created to handle big volumes of water. If rain gutters have not been cleaned up, the rain will also press any leaves and particles that the rain gutters hold into the drain developing a larger obstruction. Remember that obstructed outdoor drain pipes can trigger flooding and damage to your home.

Damaged Pipeline

Persistent heavy rains can trigger a burst pipeline due to the ground moving and putting pressure on the pipelines that lie underground. When the ground is saturated with water, it softens enough that moving soil and rocks can strain or break your buried pipelines. If pipelines end up being crushed or broken, dirt and particles can seep inside and clog your pipes, doing more damage. If you find staining, grit, or particles in the water coming from your faucets after a storm, you most likely have broken underground pipelines. Have a Florence plumbing professional find the crack and have it repaired or replaced immediately.

Basement or Crawl Area Flooding

A flooded basement or crawl area can produce a lot of issues in your house. Whether your crawl area or basement has handled an abundance of water due to heavy rain, a drain backup, or broken and dripping pipelines, the resulting standing water is a significant issue that must be resolved immediately. If left unattended, it could cause more damage to your house’s structure. Standing water and excess moisture in a basement can also produce an appealing breeding place for mold as well as typical crawl area bugs like mice, rats, and termites.

Water that has accumulated in the basement should be eliminated as quickly as possible with either a wet-vac or a sump pump. These are normally the most efficient techniques. When the water is eliminated now is the time to dry the basement or crawl area completely using a dehumidifier. This will considerably minimize the growth of molds. It is better to ask for help from a professional plumber just to be sure.

If you believe that the recent hurricane has damaged or clogged up your pipes, or you’re experiencing continuous flooding in your crawl area or basement, call Plumbing Pros Florence to help you identify and fix the issue. You may reach us at (843) 536-4568.

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