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Plumbing Tips – Unclogging Toilets Like A Pro

plumberHave you ever been faced with that awkward toilet situation? If your toilet has ever broken down unexpectedly, you should know better than to be unprepared. The right approach is everything when it comes to fixing toilet issues. It can be frustrating when everything you try seems to fail, especially when it comes to unclogging the toilet. This article will let you know the basics and the right way to fix toilet problems like a pro plumber!

Here are ways on how to address toilet issues at home

Keeping the toilet from overflowing

For some, an overflowing toilet is the stuff of nightmares. To stop the toilet from overflowing, the water supply needs to be cut off. The first thing to do is take off the lid of the tank and close the flapper. The flapper is what opens and closes to release or keep water in the tank. If the toilet is clogged, it will help to close the flapper in order to keep water from filling the toilet even further. A clogged toilet can be easily managed. However, if you are starting to panic, things can escalate quickly and when that happens, call a plumber Florence SC right away.

Find the right plunger and use it correctly

What most people don’t know about is that there are different types of plungers out there. Each one is specifically designed for a certain fixture. A funnel-cup plunger is best suited for unclogging toilets due to its shape. However, even the right tool won’t do much if not used properly. When using the plunger, it is important to prep it beforehand. Soak the plunger in some hot water for a few minutes. This will soften the plunger and allow it to create a better seal. Always remember to form a perfect seal so you won’t be plunging in vain.

Another area to focus on is on plunging. A lot of people make the mistake of only focusing on the downstroke. However, the pullback is also equally important. Enough force must be applied to drive and pull back the plunger. Doing so will easily dislodge the clog and the problem is fixed. If the toilet gets clogged again, simply repeat the process and be done with the issue.

Use a drain auger/snake for tougher clogs

In some instances, you might encounter a clog that just won’t seem to go away. If this is the case, you can proceed with using a drain snake or auger. It can be a messy process but the chances of dislodging the clog are much higher. In case plumbing repair is needed, your best option is to call a plumber.

Knowing when to call a plumber

There’s a fine line between DIY plumbing repair and calling a plumber. There are advantages and disadvantages to going DIY first and calling in a plumber later. If you manage to fix the issue yourself, you save money in the process. However, if you manage to worsen the problem and call in a plumber, you run the risk of causing more damage and paying more to fix the issue. For better results, hire a plumber. If you don’t want to take your chances and would rather go for a sure outcome, hiring a plumber like Plumbing Experts Florence is your best bet.

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Tips On Fixing Common Toilet Problems

plumbing repairNobody wants to deal with toilet problems but as a homeowner, you will eventually face it at a certain point. The best course of action would be to call a plumber for plumbing repair. However, you could also do some troubleshooting of your own. To help ease your worries, provided below are some toilet repair tips you need to know.

Plumbing tips you need to know about repairing broken toilets

Phantom Flushes

You might sometimes hear your toilet start to spontaneously refill as if somebody had flushed it. A toilet that will cut on and then off by itself, or runs intermittently on its own, has an issue that is referred to as a phantom flush. The issue is nearly certainly due to a bad flapper or perhaps a flapper seat. You can fix this by draining the tank and the bowl, inspect and clean up the flapper seal, and change the flapper when it is damaged or worn out. If you can’t seem to figure out the cause of the problem after a few attempts, you might want to call in a professional for Florence plumbing repair.

Water Trickles Into The Tank

If you can hear your toilet producing a sustained hissing sound, it might be due to water trickling into the tank through the supply line. If that’s the case, then you have to check the float, refill tube, as well as the ballcock or the inlet-valve assembly. The hissing sound is generally caused by water that is coming through the inlet valve. The first thing you need to check is if the float requires some adjustment or if it is sticking. Then, inspect to ensure that the refill tube is not inserted too far into the overflow tube. If these adjustments do not solve the issue then you might have to change the ballcock assembly installed by a plumber.

The Bowl Empties Slowly

A weak flush or a bowl that empties slowly is usually caused by clogged holes underneath the rim of the bowl. You can use the curved part of the wire to poke each flush hole gently to get rid of any debris. You can also use coat hangers and a tiny mirror to help you see underneath the rim. You may also use the wire to loosen debris that might be obstructing the siphon jet at the bottom of the drain. Just be sure that you don’t scratch the bowl.

The Clog

The most common toilet problem is the dreaded clog. One quick plumbing tip is that you can clear a clog using various tools. Among the most effective ones is a force cup plunger. It works better than the typical type of getting rid of the clog. Insert the bulb into the drain and then pump forcefully. Release the handle slowly, let a little water in so you could see if the drain has been cleared out. Repeat the process if required. For serious obstructions, you can use a closet auger. Insert the auger’s end into the drain hole and then twist its handle while pushing the rotor downward. Don’t forget to avoid scratching the bowl.

Leaky Seals

According to Plumbing Experts Florence, a typical toilet has a minimum of five seals with a possibility of leaking. In every case, the quick fix is to determine the defective seal and replace or tighten it. The biggest seal is the one located between the bowl and the tank. A major plumbing leak will happen if there’s a break in this spot. If you change this seal, it requires draining and the removal of the tank.

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Plumbing Basics – How To Fix A Clogged Toilet

toilet repairEvery single day we carry on, doing our business without putting so much thought about the toilet. That’s just how things are supposed to be. But what happens when your toilet gets clogged? How do you deal with this kind of plumbing problem? Do you call the plumber right away for toilet repair? Or do you take matters into your own hands? If you’re faced with a toilet problem, don’t fret. You can troubleshoot that clogged toilet and have it fixed in no time. So where do you begin? Read on to know the basic steps on how to deal with a clogged toilet.

What causes a clogged toilet and do you need a plumber right away?

A clogged toilet is one of the least things a homeowner would want in his home. It’s just plain messy and downright inconvenient. While a lot of us assume that a clogged toilet is because of human waste, it’s not. At least not all the time, that is. There are other causes of why your toilet could get clogged. Here are a few:

  • Water flow is insufficient
  • Too much waste in one go
  • Foreign object gets flushed down the toilet
  • Drain line backing up
  • Plumbing vent got blocked
  • Problems with the sewer line

There are a bunch of methods on how you can try to resolve the situation. Some of these steps might already be familiar. If you’re too busy to DIY your way out of it, you can always hire professionals like Plumbing Experts Florence. Here are some of the ways you can get rid of that annoying toilet clog:

Stop water from overflowing – in the instance that water is overflowing from your toilet. Turn off the water. A valve that lets you shut the water leading to the toilet is normally located near the bottom portion of the toilet. After you’ve successfully cut off the water, check the tank and see if the flapper is doing its job. An improperly working flapper can cause leaks and your toilet to overflow.

Make use of the plunger – you’ve probably seen it on TV or might have used it in action a couple of times before. That trusty plunger can do wonders for your clogged toilet if you know how to properly use it. A plunger basically creates suction by properly positioning it in the toilet. With it properly placed, pressing it up and down causes the clog in the toilet to dislodge and the problem is fixed. However, it doesn’t always get fixed in one go and may need several attempts to loosen the clog.

Use an enzyme cleaner – chemical drain cleaners have a notorious reputation and are not recommended by your plumber. The reason is that it could do more harm than good. An enzyme cleaner works better at breaking down clogs. The only downside is that you may need time to make it work.

Use a toilet auger – the next best thing that you could use is a toilet auger. It works most of the time, removing the clogs with ease. Do be careful, though, as things can get messy real quick.

Call a plumber – if all else fails, leave it to the professionals. Nothing beats the expertise of a well-seasoned plumbing contractor Florence.

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