How Can an Emergency Plumber Help You Prepare For A Hurricane?

emergency plumberAugust and September are the peaks months for hurricane season. However, by being vigilant and prepared all the time, you could protect your home against the beating of strong storms. With that said, you should take care of the essentials first. Food, water, and backup power are some of the most important things to have. You also need to take care of your electrical system, your home’s exterior, and plumbing. When it comes to plumbing preparation, every single problem must be settled before the time when the storms are the strongest. Call your emergency plumber if you have any plumbing issues that you want to resolve. Bear in mind that contractors won’t be driving around in the middle of a hurricane. It’s best to get things done when there’s still time.

Emergency plumber tips before, during, and after major storms

What to do before the storm:

  • Stack up water reserves. You’ll never know how long the storm will last and whether or not you’ll have drinking water the entire time. It will be in your best interests to have as much drinking water stored as possible.
  • Check your drains for blockages. One of the common causes of flooding is a clogged drainage system. Be sure that nothing is obstructing your drains.
  • Turn off the main shutoff valve. You don’t want to contaminate your plumbing with dirty water. In case the main supply gets compromised, you won’t have to deal with cleaning up your pipes if you turn off your main shutoff valve. This is something that emergency plumber Florence, SC

What to do during a storm:

When you are in the midst of a major storm, there’s not a whole lot that you can do other than to just ride it out. Use water efficiently. Don’t waste any and conserve every ounce you have. There’s no telling when a storm will be over and if you’ll have enough drinkable water throughout. You could also access your water heater for water if potable water runs out but be sure to turn off the electricity and gas before you do so. After the storm, you might need an expert for plumbing repair if damages are found.

What to do after a storm:

  • Have a plumber check your plumbing. You’ll never know if your plumbing system sustained any damage unless you have it checked. After a storm, be sure to have your plumbing inspected for any damages.
  • Turn the main shutoff valve You might be wondering why this isn’t the first thing that you should do and there’s a reason for it. You first need to make sure that your plumbing isn’t compromised and the water isn’t contaminated.
  • Clean your drains. Your drainage system will likely be filled with debris. Clear it out so water won’t be backing up any time soon.
  • Call Plumbing Experts Florence to check your system for any issues.

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