Plumbing Question: Is It OK To Pour Hot Oil Down The Sink Drain?

plumbing FlorenceHave you ever thought about what happens when you pour oil and grease down the drain? If you have a habit of doing this, you should stop right away. Nothing good can come out of dumping oils and grease down the drain. You’ll only end up with a major plumbing Florence catastrophe, costing you hundreds of dollars in repairs. What you need to do is stay informed and be a wise homeowner. Don’t know what to do with leftover oils? Read on to know how to dispose of oils properly.

Here are some plumbing Florence tips regarding oils and grease:

Most oils don’t stay liquid for long

Butter, coconut oil, bacon fat, and vegetable shorting are just some variants of oil that stay liquid when warm. However, when they get cold, these oils solidify. If you take bacon grease and pour it into a jar and let it sit on your counter overnight, you’d need to scoop it out of the jar the next day. It will solidify once it completely cools. When you pour oil and grease down the drain, your pipes will be lined with solidified grease until it clogs up your Plumbing Florence, SC, and drainage.

Even permanent liquid oils can still damage your pipes

There are some kinds of oils that do remain in liquid form even when cooled. However, this doesn’t make them any safer to pour down the drain. Perma-liquid oils can still wreak havoc inside your pipes. The oils may line your pipes and catch debris and food items. Later on, the oils will catch enough trash that could possibly clog your pipes. Regardless of whether oils remain liquid or not, they are not to be poured down the drain. It is not a good idea and it will cost you hundreds of dollars if you keep doing this bad habit.

Pouring soapy hot water won’t do you any good

Contrary to popular belief, pouring warm soapy water down the drain wouldn’t do much. When you pour water down your sink, it travels from your pipes to your drainage. Water won’t stay very long and it is highly unlikely that your pipes will be cleaned just by pouring water down your sink. When you think about it, warm soapy water won’t scrub your pipes clean. You’ll only end up spending money on soap and water to no avail.

Call a plumber when problems arise

When you do encounter issues with your sink or drainage, call a plumber right away. When water starts to back up, it’s a sign that something down the line is a clog that needs to be taken out. Although you could buy some cleaning solutions to try and rinse out whatever is clogging your pipes, but good results are not guaranteed. A more suitable solution, though, is to hire an expert like Plumbing Experts Florence. If you need any kind of plumbing services, hiring a professional plumber is the best way to go.

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