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hot water system supplierWith the technology that we have today, it’s common to find advancements in everything around us. Of course, newer technologies also applies to plumbing. Water heaters, for instance, have come a long way. We’ve all been acquainted with the traditional water heaters that required a tank to be installed somewhere in the basement. However, newer, on-demand water heaters have grown popular over the years. Most of the time, a plumbing contractor would urge you to go tankless but is it really any good? Here are some ideas that will help you out:

Ask your plumbing contractor for more insights on water heaters

We all know that the conventional water heater can deliver. However, there are certain drawbacks to tank-based water heaters. First of all, the amount of energy needed is far higher than tankless water heating systems. Although you get the hot water that you need, you first need to spend a lot of energy to make that happen. Also, conventional water heaters don’t offer the same on-demand convenience that newer systems offer. Once the tank has been emptied of hot water, you would then need to wait a couple of minutes before more hot water can be used. This downtime is basically one of the major drawbacks of tank-based water heating systems.

What advantages do tankless water heaters offer?

Basically, the main perk of going tankless is the ability to produce hot water on-demand. You don’t have to wait very long to use hot water. It’s very efficient for homes with little space. For instance, if you live in an apartment, you typically don’t have a basement to fit a tank-based water heating system. However, an electric water heating system solves all your problems as it does not take up much room at all. The plumbing contractor in Florence can simply install the system on a wall and connect it to the pipes. Aside from getting hot water when you need it, you don’t also have to worry about the space that it would take up as you would with conventional water heaters.

Another huge benefit of going tankless is the fact that you conserve a lot of energy. In comparison to traditional water heaters, on-demand systems consume less energy by up to 50%. That’s almost $200 of energy savings per year. You don’t also have to alter much of your plumbing to have it installed.

What are the drawbacks of tankless water heaters?

There’s basically just one slight drawback that on-demand water heaters have. It’s basically the amount of hot water that it produces at a time. With on-demand water heaters, you can’t produce 80 gallons of hot water at a time. Traditional water heats can produce hot water at a rate of 7.5-9.5 gallons per minute. However, tankless water heaters produce only 2.5-5 gallons per minute. It’s basically a drawback if you require a lot of hot water in one usage. Otherwise, tankless systems still have the upper hand. However, you will need to have either of these systems installed by qualified plumbers like Plumbing Experts Florence. This is to ensure that everything works flawlessly.

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