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emergency plumberWhy causes pipes to leak? Despite being a very common plumbing issue, a lot of homeowners re still oblivious on ho pipes start to leak. In general, the answer varies. There are plenty of reasons why your pipes leak. Some older homes have seen the glory days of its piping end. Older homes generally have more plumbing issues that newer households. However, this does not cover up the fact that plumbing issues can still arise in newer homes. What this all means is that plumbing issues, leaking pipes, in particular, are indiscriminate. When plumbing issues arise, be sure to call your local emergency plumber.

Common causes for leaking pipes and when you should call an emergency plumber

Corrosion – one of the more prevalent reasons for leaking pipes is corrosion. Some pipes, especially PVC, don’t degrade quite as fast as others. Galvanized steel piping can corrode and degrade over time. The same goes for copper piping especially when it is fitted with other metals aside from copper. Corrosion is very common. It’s also quite easy to spot. Your local residential plumber can easily identify if there’s corrosion and how serious the issues is.

High water pressure – most pipes are only capped at a pressure rating of 80 psi. This means the pipes could leak or burst when the water pressure inside the pipes goes beyond the 80 psi limit. The cause of this issue will vary. It’s best to call in a Florence emergency plumber for safety measures.

Shifting foundation – it’s not every day that you will find leaking pipes due to shifting ground. However, when the foundation of the house is disturbed, there’s a possibility that the piping could be put under pressure and begin to leak. When renovating a home, always consult your plumber for any concerns relating to plumbing. This is particularly important when you will be doing a lot of digging near your home.

Clogs – when you come to think about it, water will go through anything when there’s enough pressure. The same could be said with pipes. When your pipes are clogged, the tendency is that the water in the pipes could be forced to go through any weak areas. The joined areas are the most vulnerable. Without proper fittings, water could easily leak through. Drain pipes are commonly affected by clogs which call for immediate drain cleaning.

What is the reason for hiring an emergency plumber?

Leaking pipes are major concerns. Regardless of which pipe it is, leaks can go from simple to catastrophic in a short period of time. This basically means you can face major problems when you leave this kind of issue unattended for so long. When pipe leaks are first sighted, always call professionals like Plumbing Experts Florence. It is important to note the gravity of these kinds of situations. Pipe leaks are serious and should be dealt with by professional plumbers to provide a more permanent solution. When you spot leaks on your pipes, try to contain the situation at hand and call a plumber or better yet, call a plumber immediately.

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