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Things You Should Never Do To Your Plumbing System

plumbing mistakesThere will be times when your plumbing problems are simple, but there will also be cases where you need to address more complex issues. A broken sewer pipe is one example of a difficult job that requires water jets, cameras, and a specialized resin. While it might be fascinating to learn about the intricate details of sewer pipe repair, you will likely find that the information won’t help you when you are faced with the same problem. It is best to keep it simple.

Things that a plumber would never recommend you do to your plumbing system

Keep in mind that you won’t have plumbing problems if you avoid all of these things. It means that any one of these things will eventually lead to a disaster. Avoid the following if you don’t want to suffer the inconvenience and consequences of plumbing problems.

Using Liquid Drain Cleaner

It might seem strange to avoid liquid drain cleaner when it is supposed help you clear out plumbing clogs. These products can be very caustic. These products may be effective in clearing clogs, but they can also accelerate the deterioration of your pipes. It is better to use a snake or plunger.

Pouring coffee grounds down the kitchen sink

Because coffee grounds are sticky, they can block pipes. They can also become very dense and retain a lot of water, as they clump together. You should never pour coffee grounds into your sink. Instead, throw them in the trashcan.

Grease down the Sink

Grease is another substance you shouldn’t pour down the sink. Grease not only gets stuck in pipes but also captures other substances. The grease also sticks to the pipes more easily the more it gets wet. This means that many things you put down the drain can get stuck and cause a blockage. The pipes will rot if vegetables and fruits get stuck. You will need to find another way to dispose of cooking fat. You will need to call a plumber Florence if you don’t.

Flushing Garbage down the Toilet

Your toilet can’t do magic. This should be obvious to you. It doesn’t mean that a toilet flush will make it disappear. It will eventually get trapped in a number of pipes and end up in the sewer. If the garbage you flush down gets caught in your pipes, you can expect a big problem. What is garbage? All other items, except toilet paper, should be thrown away.

Use Hot Water to Run the Disposal

Because the disposal can efficiently grind food, you should only use cold water. Hot water will have the opposite effect. Hot water will make food particles stick to the blades of the disposal and drain. Clogs are also more likely to occur. Therefore, only use cold water.

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Florence Plumber Tips Drinking Water Safe

plumbing contractorTiny amounts of metal in tap water in your home can cause developmental problems in children, high blood pressure in the family, and impaired kidney function in adults, just as lead paint in older houses. Radium has been shown to cause cancer. Too much chlorine can cause irritation to the eyes and noses, as well as discomfort in the stomach. You don’t need to feel helpless. There are many ways to ensure that your home’s drinking water is safe.

Here are some simple plumbing tips that will help you get started.

Check Your Water

You should have your water tested regularly by an environmental testing laboratory licensed by the state if you get it from a well. They can check for changes in water quality and the presence of contaminants like nitrates or coliform bacteria. These substances could slowly seep into the ground and underground aquifers.

Experts recommend annual testing. Experts recommend that you test for lead in drinking water if there are concerns about your utility’s supply. This could be because of violations of the Environmental Protection Agency rules or if your plumbing system is old.

Check the Water Quality Report of The Utility Company

Despite federal regulations setting limits for the amount of contaminants in drinking water that can be found, some public systems continue to exceed those limits. Check to see if your utility has violated the Consumer Confidence Annual Report (also known as the Water Quality Report). The EPA requires that this report be sent to you by July 1, every year. It also outlines the plans of your utility to address all cited issues.

Filter your water

Filtering your home water will give you and your family another line of defense against any contaminants that might pass through your local utility. While some experts disagree with the idea, many plumbing professionals strongly recommend it to homeowners.

Keep your plumbing system up-to-date

Paint flecks aren’t the only known carrier of toxic metals in older homes. If your Florence plumbing system contains lead pipes, you should have them replaced immediately. Leaking plumbing pipes can lead to contaminating your drinking water. This can lead to many health problems, including developmental issues in children. It can also increase blood pressure and cause damage to your kidneys.

You should also hire a plumber to replace any corroded pipes in the house. These are the main sources of copper in your water supply. Exposure to copper for long periods of time can cause liver and kidney damage.

Do not poison the Reservoir and The Well

Reduce the use of pesticides and fertilizers in your yard. Do not forget to bring antifreeze and used oil to a recycle station or service center. Avoid flushing any unused medication as they could contribute to trace amounts of pharmaceuticals and medicines that end up in your drinking water.

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